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Lady's and gentleman i present to u. drum roll plz.... my acount i have been in simple planes for 3.5 years now and have had 2 acounts. i also was a multiplayer troll for 1 year but thank god that that,s over now... underneath this text is the old text so if u want to read it u can but it is cringe so i dont recommend it

old acount --> https://www.simpleplanes.com/u/Wintervik


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lol if u like stupid redicules bad englisch and game breaking then u are at the right place, so what do u expect from me i like making walkers and animals with weapons i also like making stupid rockets like anglerfish misle 23 and siver AA rocke,t i have a past as a sp multiplayer l and i have a lot of creations from the past and then i bekame sp poster and it had gone alle uphill from there. so have a great day and enjoy my creations