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  • B-69 SUPER-DUPERFORTRESS (Shitpost) 15 hours ago

    @Bellcat You missed the part where that’s my problem

  • F/A-18F Super hornet RAAF (updated) 2 days ago

    @DeltaLCI Where women glow and men plunder? yes, yes I do

  • punisher gr.1 one month ago

    Attacker FB 1?

  • EA-18G Growler (6th squadron 100th) one month ago

    @Richflysplanes go ahead, just remember to credit me

  • M1A2 SEPV3 abrams 2 months ago

    @DeltaLCI irrelevant, the M2HB fires .50 caliber rounds and weighs 30KG unloaded. The M1919 is significantly smaller and fires .30 caliber rounds, it’s reliable in firing .30 caliber rounds (which by themselves are nothing to laugh at) and it does an excellent job at it, that’s why it’s still in service.

  • M1A2 SEPV3 abrams 2 months ago

    @DeltaLCI cause it’s a good gun, that’s why

  • EA-18G Growler (RAAF) 2 months ago


    The right side rudder control surface is stuck, use the connection point editor to disconnect it from the main rudder fuselage

  • Communist Challenge 2 months ago

    Count me in

  • M1A2 SEPV3 abrams 2 months ago

    1. Select wheel you want to change with XML mod
    2. Use XML on it and go to “wheel”
    3. under maxAngularVelocity type in necessary number

    Do note that:
    Wheel Must be connected to engine in order to edit max speed, unpowered wheels will not affect top speed
    do note that if you type “1” into the maxAngularVelocity it’ll equal 2 Km/h, so add up and experiment until you have the right speed

  • LuftWaffe Challenge [Closed] 3 months ago

    I’m in mate, plane’s gonna be up soon

  • July 4th Challenge [CLOSED, SUBMIT NOW] 3 months ago

    Does the livery have to explicitly be that of US armed forces, or are US vehicles with foreign liveries allowed?

  • WW2 Fighter challenge(open) 4 months ago

    Does it have to be a fighter, or are attackers allowed, like the A-20G or HS-129?

  • M1A1 AIM abrams (RAAC) 4 months ago

    @KobzeR most likely an M109A6 paladin, I do have a few nearly complete WIP tanks I could upload in the meantime

  • Boxer CRV 4 months ago

    @KobzeR I could do that, right now however an M1A1 AIM SA is in the works so my hands are full

  • RoadBuster 5 months ago

    @SpaceXplorer no

  • B-17G Flying fortress 5 months ago

    @F1849 sure thing mate!

  • Strv 81 Primo Victoria 7 months ago


  • Bomber Challenge (Challenge Closed) 8 months ago

    Submitted mine as a successor :)

  • A-10 thunderbolt II (updated) 9 months ago

    @Kipo I saw that reply from your ‘sister’

    Something about typing ‘friend’ into the replies

  • A-10 thunderbolt II (updated) 9 months ago

    @Kipo cease your heresy

  • A-10 thunderbolt II (updated) 9 months ago

    @Kipo yep! That was correct mate,

    Deine deutsch ist gut!

  • A-10 thunderbolt II (updated) 9 months ago

    @Kipo sehr gut, du?

  • F-104S Starfighter 9 months ago

    @MajorSix cheers mate! I made that comparison not because of performance but because of a tendency to, you know... make pilots “retire” early...

  • F-4E phantom 2 one year ago

    Ah if it isn’t my arch nemesis... @nooo

  • AMX-155 Faucon one year ago

    @WarHawk95 no, I speak a small amount of German however

  • BT-42 *revised and reworked* 1.3 years ago


    2.4 seconds, far from accurate but I want this to be fun as well as good looking

  • Bimotor Challenge 1.3 years ago

    Is there an update on positions or will we have to wait and see, I don’t really mind waiting I’m just curious

  • Bimotor Challenge 1.4 years ago

    When is the deadline?

  • Interceptor Challange 1.6 years ago

    @CookieCrumz ah sweet, thanks for clarifying

  • Interceptor Challange 1.6 years ago

    By interceptor do you mean something like the MiG-31 or a more dog fighter style interceptor? Because I have both and want to prioritise the development for one

  • I got a new iPad 1.6 years ago

    Me too, I got a new one last week, iPad Pro 10.5, runs like a dream compared to the sandpaper that was my last one

  • Artillery Challenge 1.6 years ago

    Hell yeah, there aren’t enough ground comps in this game

  • Problem on iOS version 1.6 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison sure thing

  • Problem on iOS version 1.6 years ago

    @Jerba when sharing an aircraft there is a button near the bottom of the tab that says “account required” that’s where you login

  • BT-42 1.6 years ago

    @TrislandianAlliance edited the desc, thanks for telling me mate!

  • Karl Gerat 1.7 years ago

    @Azzzat125 yeah I use translate, I only really speak English and a bit of German

    да, я использую переводчик, я действительно говорю только по-английски и немного по-немецки

  • Karl Gerat 1.9 years ago

    @Azzzat125 Мне нравятся ваши комментарии, но извините, я не русский, но я рад, что вы здесь :)