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My first ever creation to earn 100 upvotes December 23/2021

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Somewhere so dark, so foreign, can only be explained through the imagination of the person who experienced it. I was in that spot at a point I was sure was before the existence of anything, nothing, one could say. A place so distant from reality, a place that doesn't even register on the same wavelength of anything we have seen, or will ever see. A being stood before me, a being so tall and slender, seeming to take the shape of something I wasn't even sure could exist, and seeming to stretch upwards an infinite distance, yet I was able to see him in his entirety, only what felt like feet from my face. I was paralyzed with fear, it almost felt like what I saw and felt was in the form of emotion (like I said, it doesn’t make sense).The time elapsed that this being existed in front of me, felt as though googols upon googols of years had passed, in a time frame of several thousandths of a second. And then, all of a sudden, "it" spoke something to me in what sounded like a mix of audible static, and a language you couldn't hear, a brief message instructing me to go forward. At first, I was unsure of what he wanted, "to go forward?" I asked, the being did not reply. And I stood there staring at him, staring back at me, for what felt like googols upon googols of years. Until he made another form of alienated language that told me once again, to go forward. I was terrified to ask another question, for fear of what "it" might do. So I did the only thing I thought he wanted me to do. I took one step forward, and immediately, I started falling. It felt as though the creature was watching me constantly through my descent. Not knowing whether this is what "it" wanted or not, I just kept falling, and falling, and falling. For what seemed to last an unmeasurable amount of time, or at least what a human brain can comprehend, I woke up in my bed abruptly, I immediately looked around and noticed it was midnight by the alarm clock on my nightstand. It was silent in my bedroom, just broken by the constant humming of my ceiling fan, and an occasional headlight beaming through the darkness across the old country roads past our house. I had quickly realised that my bizarre experience just a few seconds ago was meerely a figmant of my subconcious imagination. All I could hope was to never have to go through a situation that inexplicable and unnreal again...

Year, 2150

The U.N has collapsed under foreign tensions and the United States is quickly losing grip over it's people and it's own government. Reality appears to be falling apart at an alarming rate. Under stress with foreign nations, the United States government declares war on North Korea. Now at our crossroads, we "aim our weapons" at North Korea, now becoming a nationwide threat. With both nations attaining the ability to construct and launch nuclear missiles, the human race, and 90% of life on earth, is now at risk of mass exitinction. Over the course of just several months, North Korea, now our biggest threat, launches their largest nuclear missile to have ever been created into near orbit around Earth, and in less then 5 hours, the nearly mach 3 capable missile lands in the midwestern area of the United States, completely wiping out all life on the surface of North America, leaving only the ones with fallout shelters to survive. The fallout created by the missile was estimated to exist at lethal levels for at least 700 million years. The missile was packed with Uranium-235, and specifically designed to only spread fallout over an area equivalent to the size of the United States, leaving North Korea completely untouched. Some humans, who have previously prepared for an event like this, had stockpiled years and years worth of food and water in their shelters, although, not nearly enough to keep generation after generation healthy and alive for 700 million years. Another issue that was posed for these "shelter dwellers" was the lack of sunlight for years and years to come, thus forcing a Vitamin D deficiency among all survivors. As the survivors developed numerous illnesses from this vitamin deficiency, they died at a quicker rate than could reproduce. Killing off all of those who once enjoyed the freedom of the United States. This process took about 50 years to completely eradicate life in North America. North Korea is now in control of all land masses on planet earth and closely monitors all inhabitants, making sure no rebellions or citizens gain any significant traction in defeating North Korea. Everyone and everything has fallen under North Korean sovereignty.

As humans continue to develop mentally and technologically, we further strive to beome more and more accepting of each individuals visual appearance and sexual prefereance. However, as this human species attempts to become more accepting, we cross the line at which there is no turning back, the line referring to self destruction and self-caused mass extinction. At this point, we cannot revert ourselves back to normal life. Everyone has become so engulfed and swallowed by the challenge to accept anyone or anything, that we have undermined our own bretheren and collapsed the empire we have once owned and dictated. Humans as we know it are now dwindling in numbers as we have murdered, destroyed, and annihilated eachother in spite of pure, undisturbed anger because others do not perfectly cope with what you believe is true. The human race's downfall will be caused by no other then its own fault. Intelligence appears to be catching up to us and seems to be closing the gap very quickly. Only to result in a catostrophic ending no one seemed to expect. Like they say, "Nothing can last forever", and there not exists a reason not to apply that to the human race.

My personal theory (with absolutely no scientific evidental backing) behind how the big bang started actually begins with the idea that the big bang didn't actually start at all. So many of you might know this already but the theory behind how the universe completely ends is that all of our energy in our observable universe, and potentially beyond that, completely and evenly spreads out across the physical expanse of the universe. And at that point, the process of entropy cannot possibly exist, because entropy exists because of the imbalance of energy (keep in mind this so called "energy death" at the end of the universe will take approximately 1 googol years, so in other words, a long-ass time). But I digress, my theory behind what happens after the "energy death" and even potentially what caused the big bang is that in order to summon a supernova like explosion, such as the Big Bang, a perfect dispersion of energy, such as the "energy death" has to take place. So basically what I like to believe is that once we experience that perfect dispersion of energy across the universe, in that very moment, everything collapses and forms the big bang again. All in all the process of the beginnings of our universe don't have to start at one given point, it has just been doing a circular pattern for an infinite amount of time before the last big bang. I understand people will find this an ignorant theory because I have no reason to believe it, other then for simple pleasure, but no other astronomer or scientist has a better idea of what happens after the "energy death" then I do anyway. Its all simply speculation. But my theory is just fun to think about and imagine.

When I die, take my cremated ashes and dump them into the great beyond of space. Where they will float on forever until potentially being pulled in by some planet's gravity field or maybe into a black hole with such incomprehensible mass and density as to compact and crush any known particle of matter into what appears to us, as nothing. That, is the ultimate method of leaving a legacy, even for many years after your existence has ceased. - Hedero

stares intently as the unsettling truth about the end of our existense slowly creeps up on us, as it gently grabs our shoulders, the stealth-like being whispers in an unknown language we can somehow follow, saying that "it's time to go". We follow the creature as we both descend into an unchartered territory no being has ever once ventured, not knowing what the very next instance in time will bring forth to us - Hedero

Each and every being to have ever been known to exist in our universe has a beginning and an ending, the time from your first breath to the last one you take looks to be as miniscule as the scale of one atom when compared to the total timeline of everything's existense. But do not let your short, small blip in time stop you from enjoying it. Live life, and enjoy and cherrish the technological progression in life, your family, and every good experience you've ever had, because you will not have the exact same event happen again. You will never breathe the same breathe, you will never experience the same second in time over again. Do not settle for "mediocre", settle for better then what you've expected. - Hedero

[This message is written by Hedero, to remember and commemorate all the dramatic, bad times, yet amazing and impressive SimplePlanes creations built and uploaded by none other then RandomUsername. Older users will remember her. And just to inform future generations of users on the website, this player had begun like every other player, no popularity or fame, but very soon, Randomusername, or RU, had gained a massive amount of traction on the website quickly attaining 90k points before abandoning her account and leaving the website in shambles after the drama she had brought forth. I'm not blaming her or the website, but we can all agree it was crazy for the few months after she had departed. I havent spoken to her in many months, I have not the slightest clue as to how she is coping nowadays, but that is none of my concern and I do not wish to find out. I suppose that sums it all up, thank you for reading.]

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Hello, I'm a 16 year old boy who loves aviation with a passion! And so I am a proud community member of Simpleplanes. I will normally build replicas and sometimes fictional creations. My aircraft are built to the best of my ability. Such as high quality details and good looks. I'm not so good with performance though, but I do my best!

I advise constructive criticism and tips about my aircraft that would make it better. So don't hesitate to say something about my plane that you would change.

In real life I plan on getting my private pilot's license as soon as possible. But as far as careers involving aviation goes, I still don't know exactly. But I will most likely end up in something along the lines of charter.
Overall though, this community has been very kind to me and everyone else. It's very supportive. So thank you to everyone who comments, downloads, and upvotes my aircraft. It means a lot to me. Have a great day, and safe flying!

*First time I ever hit platinum - 1/27/2020