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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it"

When I die, take my cremated ashes and dump them into the great beyond of space. Where they will float on forever until potentially being pulled in by some planet's gravity field or maybe into a black hole with such incomprehensible mass and density as to compact and crush any known particle of matter into what appears to us, as nothing. That, is the ultimate method of leaving a legacy, even for many years after your existence has ceased. - Hedero

stares intently as the unsettling truth about the end of our existense slowly creeps up on us, as it gently grabs our shoulders, the stealth-like being whispers in an unknown language we can somehow follow, saying that "it's time to go". We follow the creature as we both descend into an unchartered territory no being has ever once ventured, not knowing what the very next instance in time will bring forth to us - Hedero

Each and every being to have ever been known to exist in our universe has a beginning and an ending, the time from your first breath to the last one you take looks to be as miniscule as the scale of one atom when compared to the total timeline of everything's existense. But do not let your short, small blip in time stop you from enjoying it. Live life, and enjoy and cherrish the technological progression in life, your family, and every good experience you've ever had, because you will not have the exact same event happen again. You will never breathe the same breathe, you will never experience the same second in time over again. Do not settle for "mediocre", settle for better then what you've expected. - Hedero

[In memory of Randomusername, where ever she might be, I hope she is still alive and doing as good as she possibly can. As she has removed all known traces of her existence on virtual platforms, there is no telling where she is, what the severity of her mental disabilities are, or really anything else.]

Co-founder of Bean Corp. Other co-founders

Co-founder of CobraDero, other co-founders

Songs I enjoy
Meant to Be
Hard to Love
One of Them Girls
(And most other country songs)

Some really cool friends of mine

Hello, I'm a 15 year old boy who loves aviation with a passion! And so I am a proud community member of Simpleplanes. I will normally build replicas and sometimes fictional creations. My aircraft are built to the best of my ability. Such as high quality details and good looks. I'm not so good with performance though, but I do my best!

I advise constructive criticism and tips about my aircraft that would make it better. So don't hesitate to say something about my plane that you would change.

In real life I plan on getting my private pilot's license as soon as possible. But as far as careers involving aviation goes, I still don't know exactly. But I will most likely end up in something along the lines of charter.
Overall though, this community has been very kind to me and everyone else. It's very supportive. So thank you to everyone who comments, downloads, and upvotes my aircraft. It means a lot to me. Have a great day, and safe flying!

*First time I ever hit platinum - 1/27/2020