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Status: Burnt out on SimplePlanes

Formerly known as CaptainSquadronLeaderX, now starting as HazeX

Welcome! I am HazeX (Formerly CaptainSquadronLeaderX), your ordinary very chill costal Mississippian IPhone user that is a somewhat nerd in Aviation, Weather, and somewhat in Space. I am also the creator of the World of Federations, a unique universe inspired by Roblox Aeronautica. I dream to be a NOAA Hurricane Hunter one day since I like both aviation and weather. I joined in 2018 but didn’t started making aircraft until 2020-ish. I like to modify aircraft since I’m absolutely garbage at creating my own. I like all types of aircraft but I’m mainly interested in anything that can do reconnaissance, weather reconnaissance, electronic warfare, nuclear strike (strategic and tactical), airborne early warning, research, and a lot more.

Previously known as AerobaticTeam2018, SoutherPasificAirwaysCEO, SquadronLeaderX, SquadronSquadronTheLeaderX, CaptainSquadronLeaderX, Hazed