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  • Maybe I joined SimplePlanes long time ago, but I still don't know some (probably many) things about SP, so I'm still learning.

  • Usually I'm not answering another comments in my post, If your comment says something positive about my post, I want you to know that I am very grateful for your comment :)

  • I speak spanish, english not much so correct me if i'm wrong in a word.

  • I like to put fictional historys on my fictional airplanes

  • I’m usually active checking SP to watch new vehicles created by other people.

  • I do not post new vehicles very often than I used to.

  • My favorite airplane it's the P-51H Mustang

  • I really like piston airplanes from the 1940s and some early jets.

  • Don't expect me to make modern jets (or atleast not much)

  • The canopy (or entry/exit door of a larger aircraft) of my aircraft will always open/close with the Activate 1.

  • Sometimes I can be careless with my creations and I can publish them without noticing that there was a small mistake. If you notice one, you can fix it easily.

  • I always test the flight performance of my airplanes at 3000 ft (sometimes more than 2800-2900 ft).

  • I can be forgetful

  • My goal at SimplePlanes is to share my creations without asking for upvotes, I'm not looking for any of that but I'll still be very grateful if you do.

  • I'll never do and make challenges

  • I can't fulfill requests from others asking me to make a specific vehicle because I only make vehicles when I'm in a good mood or just for fun.

  • Maybe my airplanes look good from the outside, but the cockpit couldn't be as detailed as the fuselage (I think it can be easily ignored with the reflector sight).

  • Maybe I'll make unlisted variants of my public vehicles

  • Eat your veggies :)

Some information about my fictional airplanes:

My fictional planes like the G-20, G-19, M-23, C-31, C-32, etc. have some history invented by me. The planes with a designation that starts with G are from a fictitious company called Gazka, those that begin with M from Mozkubi, both companies come from Hungary which is a different Hungary from real life, there is no Slovakia, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia or Czech, instead all that territory is occupied by Hungary.

The planes with a designation that starts with C comes from Caza which means Fighter in Spanish, comes from a fictional country called Unión Sudamericana (South American Union in spanish), there are none of the countries that are in South America, the United States, Canada and Mexico still exist.

Flag of the South American Union

South American Union Air Force