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From BTU group and WEBW

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When did I play SimplePlanes?

And What will I do in the future?

SimplePlanes is very important in my daily life.

I have played SimplePlanes for four years
It changed me a lot
For example,my skill makes a great progress,and I begin to have lessons about Aviation industry to be a airplane engineer
I also study Unreal Engine4 Blender Premiere C4D and so on

Thanks to SimplePlanes,my life becomes colorful

Why was I interested in flight?

Flight is a especial feeling for me,It's one of the best things in my life.Nowadays,I've played MicrosoftFlightSimulator for ten years.I learn lots of flight skill from my father that is also a flight fan.I began to flight PMDG777 by myself in 2014,From this moment on my flying career officially started.

To new friends

When you play SimplePlanes,At first maybe you skill is not good enough.But you can try you best to make your work better.Day by day,you will make great progress like me.So I think if you work hard,you'll make it success.

I hope you'll get lots of fun from my works
                                                     [July 23rd 2020]


They're people who teach me a lot and often commute with me

@ realSavageMan

Personal honor

The Bronze medalist of the 4th China National Youth Drone Competition 2019.12

The Champion of the 9th CSAA China National Innovative Aircraft Design Competition 2020.11