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    this is my second HELLSING account 


  • Status : Active

  • Average complete build: 1 week to 4 weeks ( because
    I'm busy working IRL) )

  • I prefer to make vehicles that are on land Like TANK or
    Armored vehicle and Car

             Im a Hellsing fan 

° I like to make anything, no matter if someone upvotes
or not

°Tidak terlalu mempedulikan upvote

you need to know that I am from Indonesia, yes, Indonesia is a country full of corruptors XD

°my favorite anime: HELLSING ULTIMATE

  • my waifu is still INTEGRA :D

So pretty

  • My Friend

° @ErikaMaid

My another Game

  • I'm a person who likes music but music like Demon

    • rap / Dark or whatever it's called i really like music

    • from $LOTHBOI - YCK - YTD - WITCHOUSE 40K -

    • FACELESS 1_7 - LXST CXNTURY And many more

People who believe in the process will not easily protes


Previously known as HEELLSING, HELLSING2