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  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 2.6 years ago

    Uhm, we have wheels which can be powered by car engine that we select.
    Maybe VTOL nozzles should be powered by a player chosen VTOL engine, no?

  • Racisms Final form [Teaser] 2.9 years ago

    Russia's greatest love machine

  • I Buy Jundroo with $5000000.00 Dollars 2.9 years ago

    Welp, if you own Jundroo...

  • Dopamine Injector 1.6 years ago

    Don't go durgs

  • Remaster Challenge [CLOSED] 1.7 years ago

    @realSavageMan I am not him buuuut
    I think results are not ready.
    He wrote that there would be a livestream in Awards / After the deadline section.
    Also none of successors received comments from him.
    So... i'm pretty sure he is still preparing everything.

  • War Has Changed (i think) 2.2 years ago

    Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me
    I ain't sharpest tool in the shed...

  • Kowalski, analysis 3.0 years ago

    You take a hollow fuselage.
    You use Overload to modify it's properties.
    You change fuselage's width or height to negative number (see fuselage tab>>frontScale or rearScale)

    Or just fart around and find out...
    Aight, imma head out

  • Box (Very Scary) 2.0 years ago

    So... That's literally just the box behind the slaughter...

  • I won't Say Who 2.8 years ago

    Do You Know De Wae?

  • Telaso MK2 3.0 years ago

    Hold up.
    That gun name.
    *Cyberpunk 2077 music plays*
    darn, that's funny and kind of unexpected.

  • Landing Gears and Doors 3.6 years ago


    Look-See here:

    • Input for landing door is floor(smooth(clamp01(X) , Y))
    • Input аor landing gear is ceil(smooth(clamp01(X) , Y))

      Where X - desired input ( landingGear), Y - delay ( experiment with numbers )

  • [VOTE!] ____ageddon! Fill in the blank. I'll make the most upvoted comment! 1.4 years ago

    i guess that is stoopid enough

  • Just a cat, NOT A CLICKBAIT!!! [1st April special] 1.9 years ago

    Nyan Cat: Am I a joke to you?

  • ~Wierd SP logic~ 2.9 years ago

    AI POV : This is fine

  • Damage Detection 1.4 years ago

    @IceCraftGaming Always has been...

  • Damage Detection 1.4 years ago

    Try placing flight computers in the desired structural elements.
    Use distance between cockpit and every flight computer as an activator, when any change to that value will give you an output.
    Here is the formula to find distance:
    Lat1, Lon1, Alt1 - coordinates of cockpit
    Lat2, Lon2, Alt2 - coordinates of flight computer

    Just put the that formula in the variables, don't forget setting variables output on flight computer pieces.
    It will work only with structural elements but i guess there is something to do with engine RPM and throttle for engine damage detection.

  • [QUANTUM ERA] - Universe Timeline; Basic faction introduction; Hub post 1.9 years ago

    Already In process.
    Or you think i've announced an universe just to build only aircrafts.
    Heh, mechs, airplanes, submersibles, tanks (modless and not), ze botes, some examples of factions architecture and more

  • Anybody else struggling getting error messages when upvoting, spotlighting and uploading crafts? 2.3 years ago

    Getting errors when trying to upvote for like 3 days in a row, dunno how it goes with uploads to the site, no troubles with downloads of ploinz.

  • RJ "Dave" VTOL 4.4 2.3 years ago

    First of all... *clears throat*


    And ye, pretty challenging to control it in VTOL and, hehe, funni

  • When you can't get that one part to connect correctly: 2.4 years ago

    It would be Fun, they said...
    Git Gud,they said...
    No Pain No Gain, they said...
    *DOO-DOOT* was my answer.
    p.s. it's even funnier when centerline part(cockpit perhaps) have x=0.0000481

  • Yaw-Axis Torque Generation and the ARC Flight System [Technical Documentation | NPAS Odyn] 3.5 years ago

    That sum real algebruh here.

    Clears throat

  • Steam Tank 3.6 years ago

    As you all may know 2020 is the year of rat,
    so it would be a shame if no one build the skaven

  • How............ 4 months ago

    The most if not all things related to descriptions are here.
    You can also find this link in pinned forum post: Useful Links

  • GR-NS 05 Lysis I 1.2 years ago

    It's front reminds me of Elites from Halo universe.
    Eh, good times.
    Oh and climbing ability is really nice addition.

  • GR-NS 05 Lysis I 1.2 years ago

    @TRD AG1 disables Speed limiter in flight mode

  • GR-MS 01 Pawn 1.3 years ago

    A knight in shining armor!
    Looks awesome and inspiring.
    Performs nicely.
    Absolutely worth the wait.

    Ian was talking about labels, its about that you can put FT codes into color and alpha making symbols change their colors and/or transparency (which, with help of emission parameter on label part, can make symbols pulsate and glow accordingly to the code used)
    Well, i guess so.
    Edit: Ah, yes he gave an example, it comes on 0:10, the all monitors offline piece changes its alpha with time

  • Made a SP meme 1.5 years ago


  • I just noticed something 1.6 years ago

    Perhaps, it's a handmade sonic boom?
    Like VTOL or jet engine with FT's

  • T-35-3 Rampager 1.6 years ago

    @mahardika @Shimamurahougetsu @Scratchoza
    Thanks for ups.

  • Celebrating Platinum 1.7 years ago


  • Just a regular day in the race track 1.7 years ago

    Freebrams runs in 90s for 148 seconds straight.
    But plon wins the race

  • Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat 1.8 years ago

    <<You have awakened something.>>

  • BA-17-VSH2 5(e)-F "Orca" 1.8 years ago

    Hey, thanks yall

  • 9th February 2022 RJ Newcastle B.2 8.6 2.0 years ago

    Ye, sadly Treadmill jumped off the Warp-train.
    So nobody knows where he is (even the lord of change).

  • The art of making special bodies 2.1 years ago

    As a Average Scrin Enjoyer I approve such shapes
    Ah yes

  • Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat 3.0 years ago

    Fold wings in-flight
    Get Schräge Musik weapon system.

  • Progetto P. 75 Mod. 51 Serpente 3.0 years ago

    Versions part be like :
    64 bits... 32 bits... 16 bits... 8 bits... 4 bits...

  • Meet The Skeletor, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 3.0 years ago

    @Kangy @Sadboye12 @Sm10684
    Thanks for votes

  • McDonald's Douglas Death Meal + McFlies 3.1 years ago

    Me: I don't want McDonalds
    McDionalds: Then Perish.

  • What does materials do in the XML modding? 3.1 years ago

    @MrShenanigans Overload mod was integrated into the game so... whatever you're device is you can make xml changes in-game.
    Once again material equals color in chosen palette from 0 to 14 plus hidden (15 = black, 17 = dark grey).

  • What does it do? Graphics 3.3 years ago

    @Aldriech the thingy have an actual termin.
    It is called git blind
    sincerely, ye boiiii

  • Type R (Pz-R) 3.5 years ago

    @GCPrototypes @Sovietstrike333 @TheBlueRobotProduct
    Thanks for your upvotes

  • Very normal missile 3.5 years ago

    Missile seem to be just fine.
    But USS Tiny is not a destroyer carrier.

  • Shh be quiet 3.6 years ago

    Parents out of the house
    Brings trumpet and oven
    le profit

  • Li-228 E-5 Dierker 3.6 years ago

    @HorizonFulin @Locurapuntocom @Kimfri

  • XFWB-DCLXVI ''World Ender'' 3.6 years ago

    Michael Bay approves

  • I’m still alive 3.6 years ago

    Everyone: mood
    We: no one expects a spanish inquisition, but its a Steve

  • A3 Rodentia Exarch 3.6 years ago

    @theeunknown @SodiumChloride @TheBlueRobotProduct
    Thanks for upvotes

  • A3 Rodentia Exarch 3.6 years ago

    @50CalChicken @SovietBun @FlyingPatriot
    Thanks yo all