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Timezone : UTC +3

-- From what country you are?
-- But really...
-- Oh....
(Transmission ends)

Was machst du in meinem Sumpf?!

Quote of the lifetime: Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast.

Favorite music: exist...

Sanity: Nan.
Intelligence: Sus bean
Retrofitted: DOOTIS

Bruhze: surpassed
Silver: passed
Aurum: ascended.
Pt: PeRhApS...

Q&A part

  1. Q: Why?

    • A: my mind tellin me No, but my body, my bodyyy tellin me Yesh

  2. Q: Are you ok?

    • A: perhaps...

  3. Q: Toxic?

    • A: scorpion.

  4. Q: What the Hel are yo doing bro?

    • A: i dont know

  5. Q: Favorite things?

    • A: Boom.

  6. Q: Hmmm, E?

    • A: Explosives.

  7. Q: Enough.

    • A: Nope...

  8. Q: Uploads,teasers,crafts, any kind of abomination, when???

    • A: Pretty soon buut...

  9. Q: also, why Grob0s0VBRa, kinda what does this mean?

    • A:Grob=coffin in english, just written as it pronounces in russian...

      Why? dunno... really.

  10. Q: ...

    • A:Come at me bro

  11. Q: Fine, let's get back to it


  12. Q: Ha! that's the spirit


  13. Q: Bruh

    • A:Autistic screeching

  14. Q: Are you at least 13 years old

    • A:24, but does it matters?

  15. Q: You can't beat the shid outta me without coming any closer

    • A:HA-HAAAHAAA-HAAAAA, you serious?

  16. Q: ...

    • A:B, to the M, to the D, to the FOUR. YOOOOOHOOOOOO

  17. Q: ...

    • A:Hallelujah, holy drip!

  18. Q: Did i missed something?

    • A:nop

  19. Q: ...

    • A:Elves has No Honor, No Respect, NO BEER!!! MRAAAAARGH!!!

  20. Q: Ugh. Go away, Urist

    • A:No.

  21. Q: say croissant once more and I...

    • A:HO-HO-HO!!! lets fartin GOOOO!!!

  22. Q: Leclerc! I choose you!

    • A:Not yet...

  23. Q: ...

    • A:imma ded

  24. Q:Heh. Not.Yet.

    • A:OH NO!

  25. Q:You know thats something wrong in this world when you correcting your math teacher... like really often...

    • A:Bruh

  26. Q:Wort-Wort-Wort (Ok, Spartan Preferred Species! Its Time!)

    • A:Wort (Duh)

  27. Q:01.11

    • A:Take that [shoot] off from meeee!!!

  28. Q:Hmmm

    • A:mmmH

  29. Q:Sounds like a good idea!

    • A:!aedi doog a ekil sdnuoS

  30. Q:Don't wake The Slayer!

    • A:Emm...Uh-Oh...

  31. Q:Well...

    • A:Yep

  32. Q:We.Are.Veno...

    • A:*Bonk* That's my seat dangit!

  33. Q:Bazingus

    • A: Hmm, ah well that is sus.Run.

  34. Q:Not enough gold

    • A: Hi! guys its me Ma...

  35. Q:Insufficient credit

    • A: Spin The Wheel!

  36. Q: Do you know any magic number?

    • A: Oh, waht? 666

  37. Q: You know which also does magic

    • A: ???

  38. Q: Nine One [Fart] One!

    • A: wah

  39. Q: *chuckles*

    • A: What a shame. What a rotten way to die.

  40. Q: Patience

    • A: Amen

  41. Q: Liver

    • A: Liver

  42. Q: Lungs

    • A: Lungs

  43. Q: Spleen

    • A: Spleen

  44. Q: Heart

    • A: Heart

  45. Q: Yo, first nuke on 16.09.22

    • A: IRL?

  46. Q: Ha... Emm...

    • A: ...

  47. Q: Genetics is bruh.

    • A: now officially

  48. Q: Bazingus.

    • A: Ha. haha. Ha.

  49. Q: Can snakes T-pose?

    • A: Perhaps

  50. Q: what?

    • A: we are still recording...

  51. Q: Any nicknames?

    • A: Yellowbelly.

  52. Q: Aaand?

    • A: kinda big non-poisonous snake.


    • A: They pranked, reduced to honks.

  54. Q: 115!!!

    • A: Ah yes, zombie mode.

  55. Q: 117

    • A: Wort.

  56. Q: You're on your own Noble...

    • A: ...Carter out.

  57. Q: 120.

    • A: *Leclerc start-up noises*


Hehe, butthuuuurt

Aight, yo just passed it

Have a nice day

UNO Traverse Card

Hey you! Yes, you the wandering one!
You may need those :
//MainCamera>Camera.set_fieldOfView numbers
//CameraPlane>Camera.set_fieldOfView numbers
>>CameraManagerScript..SetCameraFov numbers
hi, Walvis
//CameraPlane>Transform.set_localPosition X,Y,Z
//MainCamera>Transform.set_localPosition X,Y,Z
Noname918181 said it may help aswell
//Aircraft>Transform.Translate X Y Z
Useful, maybe. Teleports the craft
//MainCamera>Camera.set_depth X

Previously unknown as BorisTheRazor, Yeee, Nanimachine