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In Late December 2021, 4 F22s were scrambled to investigate a unidentified plane off the coast of California. As they approached it quickly disappeared from radar, however, one pilot managed to get a missile lock. After firing what they saw sent chills down their spine. They saw a small simple looking aircraft the size of a P51 pulling off maneuvers no F22 could do to evade the launch. The pilots then pursued it until it disappeared into the evening sky.

For the next few weeks a bounty was out to find the mysterious plane. It was found at a aircraft hangar owned by a private aircraft manufacturer.... Aircraftii Inc.

Within weeks it was in public testing in a experimental air race. It scored 2nd only due to its lack of speed. The USAF requested to see it in action at Edwards AFB. Its name was Aircrafti2 code named "DART". After entering Operation it was assigned a interceptor role and out of 200 made 192 remain intact. However Aircraftii Inc hit hard times and was struggling to stay afloat. Its advanced highly maneuverable aircraft was too slow in comparison to other fighters. After 2 were shot down on secret rescue missions by high speed rockets, and 1 crashed during an airshow after stalling due to a lack of power from its engines, it was frowned upon and Aircraftii Inc. Contract was cancelled in both racing and Interceptor roles.

Aircraftii Inc. Owner decided to upgrade its design to the best of its abilty and risk losing all of its money and worse to prove to the world a small company can produce something nearly impossible to beat in both price and uses. Aircraft 2.0 was born within a month of testing and using more powerful upgraded CV4500B-1 engines enabling it to easily climb past Mach 2 at 45,000ft. After months of use and hundreds of contracts an Aircrafti 2.0 crashed after plummeting into a mountain. The cause was the aircraft was much to unstable at high speeds at sea level. No pilot ever lost his life in any Aircraftii Inc. Plane but their lack of an experienced design department showed in the planes fatal flaws. After many versions of Aircrafti2 ending at 5.0 all versions except 5.0 were retired and are now used in experimental Air Racing. Others were scrapped, Some used as test beds. Aircraftii Inc. was again put in danger when companies caught on and advanced past them. Lasers, hypersonic missiles, mach 3 capable engines put their company on the c list for contracts. The Aircraftii Inc. Owner vowed to create all hos planes to be unbeatle in the air and ground while being cheaper and easy to maintain than the competition due to less parts and complicated technology. All the advancements have ended up in 3 planes, the Votzer Z-1 and Z-2 fighters and the final Aircrafti 5.0. Aircraftii Inc. Admits it has taken losses but these are important to advancements in technology. After a A5.0F was shot down by a ground turret all Aircraftii Inc. Planes have highly advanced defense and attack measures for ground targets and ambushes while still being produced for recreational use, agricultural use, and scientific research.

"We are Aircraftii Inc., The Next Generation Of Unbeatable."