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the Graingy aircraft company (Officially named Graingy) is an aircraft and vehicle company founded in 1928, primarily building warplanes and combat vehicles.
The company has shifted in management over the years, and last took a new CEO in 2018. The new CEO was also the Soian Head of Government, an "empire" of sorts that spans the multiverse. The new management also came with a reveal: the Graingy aircraft company was founded by the SHG in a rare instance of same-timeline time travel. This would be a good time to mention that Soian technology is incredibly advanced. These statements, along with its VERY contriversal CEO, has changed the way the company is viewed, from just another successful company, to a central piece of how Earth 1 sees Soia. Regardless, the success of the Graingy aircraft company has had a huge jump, contributing a massive amount to the GDP of the island of Soia (the Earth based part of Soia).
After this management switch, the headquarters of the company have switched to a very large complex located on the shore of the exotic pacific island. The facility is powered by a massive 500 GW nuclear reactor, said reactor also powering the homes of all 1500 people on the island.
Most of the company's output comes from the HQ. R&D, aircraft production, shipyards, etc.
The company has had 3 headquarters.
1928-1955: Southern Yukon Territory, Canada
1955-2018: Nunavut (Then North West Territories), Canada
2018-Present: The Island of Soia
There are plants all over the world:
1 in The Island of Soia
3 in Canada
1 in the United States of America (formerly 3, 2 closed 2016 due to political issues)
1 in Italy
1 in Japan
1 in Antarctica
There used to be plants in:
Germany, formally 1 plant, opened 1993, closed 2001
Australia, formally 1 plant, opened 1960, closed 1989
South Korea, Formally 1 plant, opened 1940, closed 1950 due to Korean War
The Headquarters match the reigns of the CEOs:
Daren Sesame (1880-1955, CEO 1928-1955)
James Rownir (1935-2018, CEO 1955-2018)
Mr. Geminus (????-Endless without time, CEO 2018-Present)
The Graingy aircraft company has specialized in making more affordable craft, while still retaining quality.
Graingy products are known to be quite rugged.
The company is trying the production of a video game console: the Graingy 1024. This 1024 bit monster is the size of a coffee table and produces incredible amounts of heat (has a built in AC unit for cooling, requires a window to connect cooling pipe to), but is as powerful as a supercomputer, capable of 10 petaflops. Soian tech is the best tech. Launched November 20, 2020.
We believe that you will find something of interest on the following pages.
One more thing, many of our designers have used the unofficial motto of "Just winging it". Very original.
Also our test pilots have never heard of a "gentle landing", they have, however' heard of landing. Sometimes just heard. I feel like many of our pilots are just kerbals in human form... or robot form.
Thank you for your business.

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