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This account is rarely active from a game-capable computer. Please keep in mind that most comments made on craft uploaded were not made having had actually tried the craft, usually from my laptop.


The Graingy aircraft company (officially named Graingy) is a predominantly aircraft and vehicle manufacturing company founded in 1928, mostly producing warplanes and combat vehicles.

Production of military vehicles is usually either A) A way to put down counterproductive factions, or B) A method of raising funds needed for R&D.

The company has shifted in management over the years, and last took a new CEO in 2018. The new CEO was also the Soian Head of Government, an "empire" of sorts. The success of the Graingy aircraft company has had a huge jump, contributing a massive amount to the GDP of the island of Soia (the Territorial part of Soia).
After this management switch, the headquarters of the company have switched to a very large complex located on the shore of the exotic pacific island. The facility is powered by a massive 500 GW nuclear reactor, said reactor also powering the homes of all 1500 people on the island, along with whatever other goofy stuff the island houses.
Most of the company's output comes from the HQ. R&D, aircraft production, shipyards, etc.


Graingy's long history is marked by notable independence and bold action, as well as a remarkable willingness to butt heads with governments to pursue its primary goal:
The advancement of Humankind.

In early 1928 an engineer and polymath named Daren Sesame was spontaneously struck with inspiration to design and build an aircraft. After a month of work this first plane took to the skies, further fueling Sesame's desire to build aircraft. By year's end a company dedicated to aircraft development of various sorts had formed: Graingy.
The origin of the name Graingy is curiously unknown, but has quickly become iconic in its own way, one that sits by the sidelines and seemingly does so little, yet also accomplishes so much.

The rise of the Nazis in Germany pushed the company to try its hand at designing tanks. A few prototypes were built to mixed success, but they still provided valuable engineering experience and helped the company branch out further. No Graingy produced tank would see significant use during WWII.

When war broke out in Europe, the first operation of Graingy was shifting to mass production aircraft. Predicting a poor outcome for the British and French militaries (which Graingy may have been spying on), it was recognized that getting aircraft into their hands as quickly as possible was a must, especially if France fell and Britain was put under siege. As such, multiple cheap-to-produce, lower performance aircraft were designed and sold at minimum price.

These aircraft include:
GT-29 "Norman" - Twin-engine trainer attack aircraft (first posted plane).
B-30 "Bomb Strip" - Ultra-low-cost four-engine bomber.
P-49 "Parrot" - Simple fighter-bomber.
B-10 "Goose" - Twin-engine attack aircraft.
GT-30 "Norman II" - Twin-engine trainer medium bomber.
B-30 "Bomb Strip" MkII - Low-cost four-engine strategic bomber.
GP-44 "Silver Tongue" - Fighter (failed project).
And more.

Incredibly, Graingy operated an advanced heavy cruiser named the GADS Sesame (Graingy Aircraft Defense Ship) (abandoned). Graingy also built big-gun destroyer for the Royal Canadian Navy, the HMCS Tidal (abandoned WIP).
A coastal cargo steamer, the GACS Mirage (Graingy Aircraft Cargo Ship) (very abandoned) was built, but its sister ship was never completed. Almost a century later the incomplete hull was mated with several WWII era turrets and other weapons systems to produce the EPS Morrayge environmental protection vessel.
We beat up polluters.
Especially you, Guywhobuildsstuff.

The S9 "Feather" light infantry support tanks saw limited service in the European theatre. Deployment in the Pacific was considered, but was decided against.

A small number of large self-propelled guns were tested during the war, however none saw service, though one, the BCL-350, saw post-war production. The largest such gun, the BCXL-1000, remains the single largest rifled cannon ever built and tested.

Before the war ended a small set of Jet-powered prototypes were tested in secret, the most notable being the XGJ-1 twinjet and the single-engine XGJ-2 (impromptu stunt plane).

Post-war, the company, then headquartered in the Dominion of Canada, passively sided with NATO, though held no strong conviction. Graingy was not, and is not, opposed to communism, however the USSR was deemed to be an irresponsible country. Graingy would only support the Eastern Bloc if they proved capable of living up to their claims. That never happened.

The first developments of the Cold War were the B-202 "Double-Take" solar/battery-powered deterrent bomber, a military application of still largely-unused electronics research, and the T-27, an extremely low-cost trainer aircraft intended to introduce pilots and airbase crew to jet propulsion with... mixed success. Also built was the B-88 naval bomber, meant to allow navies with only small carriers to launch strike aircraft.

Multiple aircraft, SPGs, and other systems were designed throughout the Cold War. Some were successes, others almost totally forgotten by history.

The company is trying the production of an advanced computer system: the Graingy 1024. Soian tech is the best tech. Launched November 20, 2020.

Graingy has continued to create various machines into the modern era and does not plan on stopping.
Be afraid.

The company has had 3 headquarters.
1928-1955: Southern Yukon Territory, Canada
1955-2018: Nunavut (Then North West Territories), Canada
2018-Present: The Island of Soia

There are plants all over the world:
1 in The Island of Soia
3 in Canada
1 in the United States of America (formerly 3, 2 closed 2016 due to political issues)
1 in Italy
1 in Japan
1 in Antarctica

There used to be plants in:
Germany, formally 1 plant, opened 1993, closed 2001
Australia, formally 1 plant, opened 1960, closed 1989
South Korea, Formally 1 plant, opened 1940, closed 1950 due to Korean War (operated under Japanese occupation under agreement to not support any country's war effort)

The Headquarters match the reigns of the CEOs:
Daren Sesame (1880-1955, CEO 1928-1955)
James Rownir (1935-2018, CEO 1955-2018)
Mr. Geminus (Unknown, theorized to be approx. 1975-Endless without time, CEO 2018-Present)

We believe that you will find something of interest on the following pages.

As for the stability of our craft...
Our test pilots have never heard of a "gentle landing", they have, however' heard of landing. Sometimes just heard. I feel like many of our pilots are just Kerbals in human form... or robot form.
Thank you for your business.

It is the 3rd millennium. For almost seventy years the former CEO has sat immobile at his desk in Graingy Yukon. He is the Master of Cheap Planes by the will of Geminus, and master of a dozen industries by the might of His inexhaustible work ethic. He is a rotting carcass writhing with electric shocks from the batteries the Graingy R&D department hooked up to his ankles. He is the Carry-on (lmao) Lord of the Company for whom a thousand souls show up to work everyday so that He may never truly die in legacy.

Yet even in His dead state, the Emperor continues to produce a foul stink. Mighty airlines cross the daemon-infested miasma of Canadian airspace, the only route between continents, their flights lit by the GPS screen's backlight, the digital manifestation of the CEOs' will. Vast air forces give battle in His name on uncounted airfields. Greatest among His test pilots are the AsshatJacks, the SpaceRacers, underpaid nutcases who idolize Jebediah Kerman WAY too much. Their comrades in air are legally adults: the Graingy Headquarters security and countless factory defence forces, the ever vigilant Human Resources department and the tech-support of the Accounting department to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat from Floridians, NonCredibleDefense members, Tankies - and worse (WE AREN'T PAYING TAXES, IRS! WE SPEND MONEY BETTER THAN YOU DO!!)

To be a man in such times is to be one among about 4 billion. It is to live in the most mildly amusing and most collectivist megacorp imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Don't forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been learned, never to be unlearned. Remember the promise of progress and understanding, for in the dark future there is only light to be found. There is no peace among the departments, only an eternality of crude insults and pointless rivalry, and the laughter of three or four gods, depending on who's counting what

Actual account history:
I created this account at least a year after starting to play Simpleplanes, maybe more, but honestly that's just my foggy memory. As such, I am a somewhat old player.
(Okay I figured out how check on Steam. I got SimplePlanes on Christmas day 2016. Wow it's been a long time.)
The closest thing to my first saved aircraft is the X-30 found on the following pages, though that is a modification of the virtually non-functional original.
Basically the day I got the game, I downloaded the mobile version as well, and that was most of what I used. Stuff happened with the ancient iPod, and eventually I switched back to Mac.
The oldest planes on my account are the X-30, and the (original) T-27.




“okay, personally, I'm not a fan of this kind of stories, but I must say, it's well written! though I'm still somewhat confused as to what "Kindness" is, assuming the same or similar species as you, a reptilian-alien maybe? but that aside, i must say, MS here is quite... an annoying character, in a good way! you delivered the annoyance of Kindness very well, i might be biased but for a kind of story that i don't usually read, 8/10!”

-Monarchii on The Christmas (sort of) Saved by Kindness (Whether she intended to or not), 25/12/23. That review was the best Christmas gift I got that day.

My thoughts on “Over There”:
“Love the line "And we won't come back till it's over over there!" or whatever it was. Sounds so... Menacing! Like "You're gonna eat shit even if we have to feed it straight outta your own ass" kinda energy.”

-Monarchii, 14/1/24

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