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asl (LOL!) i am a retired middle age guy from hong kong china

my planes are mostly pc only.

i am pretty sure they fly better than 99.9999% of the planes out there but somehow they are all too complicated for mobile version and they ended up having wacky flight characteristics on phones and tablets.
but if u are a pc user, please do enjoy my planes.

i like interesting planes that are not overly overloaded
(at the point i wrote that line i didnt code a lot now i think i do more than most people)

dont ask me why i dont put aoa limiter on my planes. i dont know why i just dont like them, just learn how to fly better. good test pilots sometimes fly things that are never meant to fly. at least u have the luxury of testing any design without dying here, sometimes i even make difficult planes to challenge my skills, this is why i fly better than most people by now.

i started out with making stuff with tvc but now i dont use them anymore coz even bricks with tvc can fly pretty well. i am back to making real aircraft

how do i find enlightenment?? to go places no one has gone before, find challenges instead of doing incremental changes to where people left off and persuade myself i am the enlightened. wanting to spend too much time in the comfort zone will end up something sick aka obsessive compulsive disorders.

funky codes reminds me of my hate of computer science & programming in general.

if not for the love of airplanes/flying custom builds i wouldn't be coding.

I rarely go sp multiplayer, if u see someone posing as me in multiplay thats 99.99% not me.