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  • Just a normal submarine... 4 months ago

    We are just one step closer to putting more submarines in the sky than planes in the ocean. Good work boys!

  • Fast Pepega 1.2 years ago

    It has a butt

  • SR-71E "BlackEgg" 24 days ago

    (Read as David Attenborough)
    And here we see the sr-71’s baby. They are extremely rare as they were a very low production model!

  • Flying Pirate Ship one month ago

    That must be the best pirate I’ve ever seen

  • Box (Very Scary) 2 months ago

    I heard it whisper to me.
    It told me things I may never know the meaning to.
    It told me to… buy NFTs

  • Rocket-Propelled Shovel (Repost) 28 days ago

    sips coffee
    Parry this you filthy casual!

  • It's been a good ride. one month ago

    God damnit!! He got me good!

  • Andrew GarriSUN 3 months ago

    Your on@X99STRIKER

  • Stupidity Challenge [CLOSED] 4 months ago

    Ok thanks! Prepare for a great mess of stupidity!@BeastHunter

  • The Magic Pencil 10 months ago

    Student: gets bad grade on test
    Also student: MAGIC PENCIL GO!
    Magic pencil: flys off and impales teacher

  • Type 25 Self-Propelled Tank Destroyer/Support Gun Mod 1936 Boxo the Bombard (Old Name) 10 months ago

    When you have to plow the fields and fight for your country at the same time!

  • a barrel of Oil 1.2 years ago

    U.S noises intensify

  • New Bus For London Concept 13 days ago

    VERY good build! Was fast and very stable considering how y’all it was. Easy to control and made 10 laps around the Oval Office without trouble. I was even able to drift it! 10/10 giby rating

  • 90's FR-260T Turner car 13 days ago

    Very well built! Handling is very nice. It was able to make 10 laps around the Oval Office, but on the last one I tried to hug the outside wall and couldn’t steer enough to keep from crashing. 9/10 giby rating

  • Ford Explorer (NYPD) 13 days ago

    Very good build! I was able to do 8 laps around the Oval Office with no trouble only problem was I barely clipped the wall on my 9th lap and it was destroyed immediately. 9/10 giby rating

  • KV-220 2 months ago

    You’ve gotta build a kv-6

  • But what if it flew 3 months ago

    I will never stop ( insert evil laughing). @ArkRoyalTheDDhunter

  • Stupidity Challenge [CLOSED] 4 months ago

    @beasthunter is the challenge still on? If so I’m in!

  • Fastest bomber challange! 8 months ago

    Yes crest the fastest possible bomber with at least ten bombs, and it must fly somewhat stable.@BeastHunter

  • My gun is wrong 8 months ago


  • Mayonnaise on an working escalator 8 months ago

    You should make a tank tread from this

  • (My Really bad) Colapsable plane 8 months ago

    Folds up for easy clean up of the crash site

  • the first fighter jet i made 1.2 years ago

    Pretty good plane for a first timer

  • Fuel eater the more ultimate 1.6 years ago

    Me: looks at tags

    Tags: single engine

    Me: ah yes definitely

  • Forbidden Jar 1.6 years ago


  • Eggcellent Lmp1 car 13 days ago

    Nice build! Had a hard time getting it to corner in the Oval Office! 6/10 giby rating

  • Tank chassis 13 days ago

    Very nice tracks. They worked fine mostly but they would hop of easily( try adding a tensioner). The way it turned was kind of confusing but I got the hang of it. 6/10 giby rating

  • VAZ 2102 13 days ago

    Very nice build! The controls were confusing but still fine. I was not able to get one lap in on the Oval Office, because of how jerky the steering was and how it would flip super easily. 6/10 giby rating

  • Audi Sport Quattor S1 13 days ago

    Alright build. Handling is a bit weird but overall fun. I was only able to make 5 laps around the Oval Office before crashing. 7/10 giby rating

  • Earth, made out of guns 20 days ago

    Crashed my game 10/10 would crash again

  • Su-75 "Femboy" 27 days ago

    I don’t think that name is correct

  • T-35 Mod.1935 one month ago

    This is my new favorite tank in this game!

  • fixed it one month ago


  • Help one month ago

    Thanks @LeonardorHD1

  • Help one month ago

    Thanks @Wibbley

  • B-45H great buffalo one month ago

    A really good plane for someone with so little points! Good job!

  • I don't know what to do. 2 months ago

    Could you convert some of your tanks to wheeled versions so iPhone users can use them?

  • What 2 2 months ago

    I was rightfully beaten

  • plane.txt 3 months ago


  • But what if it flew 3 months ago

    What you mean@Typhoon03

  • gaz 13 chaika 3 months ago

    I know what I must do. Get ready for more of my famous discount cars.

  • Your Exam Paper 4 months ago

    WHAT no! That’s not MY paper! In fact I’ve never seen that paper in my life!

  • 'ere you go mate 4 months ago


  • The soviet monster 5 months ago

    Just now noticed that! I will updat it and make a new on! Thanks!@Lee77100

  • S.S Great eastern 1858 6 months ago

    A beautiful ship indeed! It’s a shame it wasn’t preserved.

  • Fastest bomber challange! 7 months ago

    You have won the challenge!@DALFORT

  • SU-Deltawing 7 months ago

    I will work on making the plane more stable as well. @LeonardorHD1

  • SU-Deltawing 7 months ago

    I challenge you to build a multi turreted tank.@LeonardorHD1

  • Giby’s discount cars! 7 months ago

    Your on! @LeonardorHD1