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I own a pretty neat server called SPSC, which has 270 members, with my pals Anarchy, Noname, and KnightOfRen! It's the 3rd biggest SP centered discord server. If you wanna join click this thing. The super cool gif was made by my friend HOAM, who also made a bot for our server!


KnightOfRen: Space Cat of the Kylo Ren, and fellow Co-Owner
xXeno: Fellow Co-Owner, down to earth guy!
Tetrodotoxin: "do you know the word blueprints?"
chibikitsune: one of the nicest people I know
Fox00One: Xenoblade
DaddyUnt: Shenanigans time yahooooo!
TriStar: My Former Top Half
thebanbehindtheslaughter: RIP mate. You were 'ery noice.
Learpot: :) mmmmm
NexusGaming: Really nice, awesome to collab with
freedompilot98: My mentor in my early days
FireFast212: Constantly Underrated and Very Talented
chickenisderp: Paneling God, helpful with cockpits
Kaiteniisan: Dedication
tsampoy: lol
50CalChicken: Awesome builder, fast grower
Kangy: G'day Mate
UltraLight: One of the best bush plane + ultralight makers on the site
TheMegaMauster: JA HANS JA
AWESOMENESS360: Cool dude, awesome in the rp server
WarshipDude: King of boat making
PapaKernels: When he sees a fight, he'll already have popcorn
TUCAN: partner and owner of SPCS
Memri: Italy
AndrePlaysSP: Thank you for the award my friend.
EternalDarkness: Brought me home again
WarHawk95: Viva La France
Cybarnide: Honestly I don't know if this guy still exists
SyntheticL: Cool person, was a good SPSC mod in da days
mLk: fresh meme man

Anyways that's my bio. I'm just a drama causing lad sometimes, but then again most of my forums get divebombed, so sorry if I bother you a little bit. Because my main account had plat, kthxbye-

Previously known as TheMcDonaldsMan, GianluigiBuffon