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Hello traveller. It's a dangerous world out here, so just take one of my existing planes to guarantee safety for a lowlow price of a pat on the back and your left kidney.

About me: I'm just another lowlife who lives in this weird place called Estonia. Legit noone else knows what what or where Estonia is. I am legit the last one of our kind here.

Mildly hilarious story:

I made a cool ninja throwing star out of legos one day and made it a swastika, not knowing what I did. Then I went outside with my young year old brain to throw said throwing star because I was bored. And later when I came home my mom said it really looked like a swastika. Because it was. I of course didn't know what a swastika was back then. But now that I randomly remembered this day for some reason it's quite funny looking back at it. I wonder if anyone saw me.

Special celebration for 420 points! Thanks for existing!

Thoughts/questions of the whenever:

18/08/2018 - Is there a character limit to this?

18/08/2018 - There are some old people listening some old school Estonian/Russian music outside really loudly. But if I was doing the same I'd get a shoe thrown at me. Neat-o.

24/08/2018 - Children are an unnecessary side quest.

30/08/2018 - Why am I writing to myself?