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I am GabrielFangster70 (used to be GabeGabeTheFangster70 until 03/24/2021), the current survivng variant of Gabrielfangster7that is much fairly lived,
I make airplanes from scratch or edit ones that exist

About me:
Country of origin: united states
State of origin: New York
City of origin: Rochester
Nationality: American,Brazilian, German
Nationality of my family: brazillian, German

Feel free to use any of my airplanes and other crap i make and upload them as your own modified predecessor

Nicknames: Gabriel, Gabe, Fangster.

Fun fact about me

I have a domestic shorthair cat named baby girl I have a photo of her 👇🏼

I am also a huge collector of models from companies like Revell and monogram and Eduard etc etc

I have already been playing simple planes before I’ve even had this account

(Edit from 03/3/2021): I am also a fast airplane maker. Typically building airplanes in either 1 ir 2 days. Sometimes depending on the building (for example the Consolidated coronado took me 3 days to make) may take more than 2 or more days

Birthday: november 14

Where else you can find me

Battlefield games you can find me in:👇🏼
Battlefield 1: [Spad] Pigolettos
Battlefield V: Pigolettos
Name of my Battlefield Companion platoon: AceOfspades (the tag is [Spad] )

Popular games that you can find me in

Among us: GFangster
How I might look like in among us
You can find me in among us wearing either on of these two hats

Boom Beach: GabrielFangster

Reddit: U/Pigolettos53
(Pigolettos is my second account on playstation network)
Reddit servers that i can be found in:
R/electroboom (don’t ask why, my favorite electrical engineer ytber)
R/Battlefield ( i play battlefield as pigolettos)
R/Dankmemes (just dank memes)
R/Aviationmemes (similar to R/dankmemes but more focused on aviation)

List of companies i made with its forums

The da dinghy boat corp:

Pyrablack Aerospace Co


“New” Wright Air

Previously known as GabeGabeTheFangster7