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A little about myself

Hi my real name is Gabriel
I'm from Amazonas, Brazil I love the nature where I live
I'm an airplane lunatic seriously this is amazing
(Sorry all the Americans who follow me but Santos Dumont flies before the Wrights)
basically that

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Now the story of my fictional Brazilian company that makes planes:

Gabriel Aviation

Gabriel Aviation is a fictional Brazilian company created by former FAB pilot Gabriel R. "Gabriel 747" he founded the company because he saw that there was a great lack of aircraft that operated at the time so he creates his company... Gabriel's first plane was the G-100 Amazonas a true pioneer in the company he was very successful taking the company to the top... until today Gabriel Aviation is a recognized and respected company in the world of aviation... thus being the 3 largest aircraft manufacturer in the world Second only to Russian-Brazilian Volotok Aviation and the giant Wings Iron Aviation