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  • Bell UH-1C Huey 1.7 years ago

    @airhermann and we are done!! If you search up Airhermann’s Bell UH-1C Huey or go to my profile you will find your creation!

  • Airhermann's Bell UH-1C Huey (modified) 1.6 years ago

    @airhermann I mean I can try!! I’ve been experimenting a lot with rotators to make under belly turrets, I’ve made the Support Helicopter with working turrets. I can’t release it cause the Helicopter itself isn’t my own creation and I can’t find the original owner to ask him if I can, so far it worked great, I’ll see what I can do with yours!!(Sorry for the month late reply)

  • [HMD]Halsey Powell-class Missile Frigate 1.7 years ago

    Thanks to this ship, I now play Azur Lane

  • Bell UH-1C Huey 1.7 years ago

    @airhermann right when I figured out how to do it I got your notification lol! Just posted my first aircraft! I’m posting the modified version of your Huey now!

  • Bell UH-1C Huey 1.7 years ago

    @airhermann I actually have no idea how to post things!! Once I figure it out I will, the modifications aren’t pretty cause I’m only on mobile, but there close enough to the real thing, sharp wise at least!

  • Bell UH-1C Huey 1.7 years ago

    You sir a amazing, this is the most stable and easy to fly helicopter I’ve ever downloaded, I can preform strafing runs with the rocket pods, if I add some machine guns I can do gun runs, I love this thing, GREAT JOB!!!!

  • The complete Overview of VTOL configuration ( Basic version/ not using any mathematical symbols or equations) 1.7 years ago

    I love how you called the F-35B a Pearce if shit and not it’s actually name, why do I love this? Cause it’s true, AND the my own freedom loving government the US and it’s military is replacing the Beautiful Close air support jet, the A-10, for this piece of shit, like come on, 30mm GAU beats a 20mm pellet gun.