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I am Iota, commonly known as Trinity among my friends. If you wanna add me on discord, my user is trinity#4348 (no caps).
I like building modern tanks, fighters, ships, and sometimes spaceships.
Fuselage art is also pretty cool, I usually do them once every few months.

Some interesting things about me:
-I like sandbox games a lot, most of the games that I play are sandbox games
-My builds are more focused on practicality than detailing
-I like 2 build spaceships
-INFJ personality
-Amazed by builds with an extraordinary amount of details

Our Country Roleplay server: NWRP
invite link: https://discord.gg/hU5nAeVVpC

NWRP is a roleplay server situated in the 2020 decade time zone, and based off the real life map.
We welcome new players to join us at anytime!

memorable dates:
Join: Apr 07, 2020
100 pts [Bronze]: Apr 25, 2020
1000 pts [Silver]: Jun 21, 2020
50 followers: Jan 09 2021
5000 pts [Gold]: Jan 15 2021

Upcoming project(s):

Completed project(s):

Newest upload v

Republic of Trinity kit builds:
a series of builds made for my roleplay country, continuing after IPFA uploads

Intermediate period Fuselage art
two fuselage arts uploaded in between RoTK build series

29 Jan 2021: TPKU fuselage art
first serious fuselage art, many appliances of gradients
personal record broken: most parts and most colors used in a non-conventional build: ~2900 parts and 212 colors
personal record broken: 18 upvotes in 15 minute of upload
concluded in success
Fuselage art on the Touhou character Reimu Hakurei
29 Jan 2021: KALI fuselage art
first fuselage art, despite being uploaded on 29 Jan 21 it was in fact built from 16 July to 22 July 20
personal record broken: most colors used in a gradient: 201 colors
concluded in success

Republic of Trinity kit builds:
a series of builds made for my roleplay country

22 Jan 2021: L41 MCP
Armored tracked mobile command post based on L40 hull

21 Jan 2021: L48 SPH
Armored tracked self propelled howitzer based on L40 hull

20 Jan 2021: L4 IFV
Armored tracked infantry fighting vehicle, L40 hull made into at least 5 other vehicles

18 Jan 2021: Ramius DDG
Standard destroyer, guided missile
major improvements in shipbuilding since Finch class

16 Jan 2021: WL23 SPM
Self propelled mortar carrier based on WL20 hull, amphibious

15 Jan 2021: WL22 MGS
Mobile gun system based on WL20 hull, amphibious

14 Jan 2021: WL2 APC
Armored personnel carrier, amphibious WL20 chassis made into at least 2 other builds

10 Jan 2021: S16D Fighter
Stealth fighter primarily for the air force
provided major insight into plane building

07 Jan 2021: W2 Truck
Most produced vehicle chassis, used on at least 10 other builds

31 Dec 2020: L24 ABV
Assault breacher vehicle based on the L20 hull

29 Dec 2020: L26 ARV
Armored recovery vehicle based on the L20 hull

28 Dec 2020: L2 MBT
Basic main battle tank armed with 130mm cannon
L2 (L20) hull remade into at least 2 other builds

25 Dec 2020: Finch class CVE
Modern escort carrier / aviation cruiser
provided insight into shipbuilding

Early builds:
a series of builds made while I was new to SP and testing out features

Mini Hakkero
weapon from Touhou Project
Small fuselage art practice

Turtleback class destroyer Spaceship
Personal record broken: 85 upvotes within 24 hours of upload
Personal record broken: Build with most parts: ~10000 parts used

Garter class gunboat
Personal record broken: First upload

Earliest upload ^

status: hibernation

Previously known as Mobius1ISAF, Iota