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  • SimplePlanes Multiplayer 7 months ago

    Tired of Nukes in MP?

    Go to your Steam, Right click Simpleplanes -> Properties -> Betas, and select an Earlier version of the game: I.E. V1.9.250.0

    This will remove all added content like Glass from the recent Update, and make weapons react like they did before the update.

    No more nukes.

    It takes a minute or 2, but you can switch back to Current version by following the same steps and selecting: NONE - opt out of all beta programs
    you can switch back and forth as many times as you need.
    It sucks not to have Glass, But it Sucks more to get Nuked every 5 seconds.
    Please share this information with MP players in chat.
    If anybody can Pin this message, Please do so.

  • Should SimplePlanes Have Multiplayer 1.1 years ago

    Not with how the game is shared in multiple platforms.
    I play MP constantly, but it's not for everybody.
    7 players online with 400 parts each, and you're already at 2800 parts.
    The problem is that most devices other than PC's cannot handle the amount.
    and a lot of PC's can't even handle 1500 parts.

    I wish there was Multiplayer built in, but part counts, Drag, and all physics will have to be managed by the Server itself instead of your own device, to make it work.

    Not to mention the amount of Trolls that are already on MP, making XML builds and bothering other players, or lagging the server with high part counts.

  • TrollShield 7 months ago

    From all of us MP players, Thank you very much for this mod!!!
    This is a must addition to the MP mod since the last update!

  • McChopper 11 months ago

    I love the design of this heli, makes me smile every time I load it up!
    I imagine a battlefield covered in red and yellow stripes, with bits of french-fries all over and broken happy meal toys... and a lot of confused ground targets.
    Kind'a like my room on a Friday :P

  • Idiots 3.2 years ago

    I remember going through a very similar thing in school...
    I bet they will have a heart attack if you get a pilots license, while they become the next Bleach drinkers ;)

  • Textured Fuselage Block 6 days ago

    This should be included in the game, not as a mod ;)

  • TrollShield 7 months ago

    @WNP78 there's a bug when starting with Trollshield.
    You cannot target any players, you can only see ghosts of their builds.
    You can see chat, but no players.
    The way to fix it is:
    Disable the Trollshield mod -> exit simpleplanes -> Restart simpleplanes -> enable Trollshield.
    This happens constantly when starting the game.

  • First MP Formation practice... well sort of. 7 months ago

    @MTakach Thanks buddy :)
    The whole Covid thing, and stuff in my country kind'a got me depressed, so I took a break.
    Hopefully I'll be able to upload some new videos now that things are a bit more stable ;)

  • SimplePlanes Multiplayer 8 months ago

    With the latest update, making Map sized nukes is killing mp for good :(
    Too many trolls, too many players spawning in and killing everybody, or just crashing the game with nukes.
    Been seeing too many players rage-quit, or just get disconnected.

    I Don't recommend playing MP after this latest update.

  • RAH-42 Snowfox one year ago

    @Zanbradcr3per If you think I stole something from you, you're barking at the wrong tree.
    I never take ideas from people without thanking them for it, nor do I copy things that are not already uploaded.

    If you think I stole something from you, then you can either prove it, or understand that I didn't, It's up to you.

  • Throttleable rotator and differential torque for yaw demonstration on a coaxial helicopter prototype. 1.2 years ago

    cool idea!
    very cool Yaw control and pretty realistic.
    the throttle idea is not really needed in helicopters...
    turbine helicopters have a throttle thing that controls the rotation speed of the rotor automatically.
    the Collective should control the amount of lift generated.
    but this could be cool for a custom propeller or engine pylon like the Heli-craft from Avatar have.

  • TrollShield 7 months ago

    @WNP78 I tried reinstalling both mods, and I also noticed that this happened to everyone in MP who is using the mod.
    most players in MP just stopped using the TrollShield, as an attempt to fix the bug.
    I passed it on in chat, the fix I mentioned in my fist post, and that seems to be the only way it works atm, without disabling the mod completely.
    I'm not sure, But could this be related to how the MP mod was updated with the "Sync weapon explosions" check mark?

  • Observation Helicopter Challenge Results one year ago

    Wow this is Awesome!
    Thank you @TheFantasticTyphoon for making this challenge! Cheers!
    This was the first challenge I entered in SP with the aim to complete, it was really fun and challenging to design something with the time constraint and limitations.
    It was really awesome to see all the helicopters made for this challenge!
    (If you didn't notice, I'm a huge heli nerd...)
    Tbh I didn't expect to win... but I'm really happy I did, and I'm very proud of the helicopter that came out of it.
    I'm working on a Full gunship version with more missiles and rockets, which is a bit crazy with how much this little heli can carry...
    and a Civilian version for underslung cargo lifting, and sport flying. ;)

  • [Updated] Beware the Brown Pearl! one year ago

    @TheFantasticTyphoon yup, or it spawns and runs in a random direction before you can see it.

  • [Updated] Beware the Brown Pearl! one year ago

    @TheFantasticTyphoon I know... I'm just surprised so many players haven't found the Brown pearl yet, and some actually told me they don't believe it exists...

  • linu - ver - 1.1 1.2 years ago

    Saw it on Multiplayer as well, got a couple of pics you might like..
    Very cool creation!

  • Twin Turbo V8 1.3 years ago

    Very nice Engine!
    I might use it in the Baja version of my Jaguar.

  • RB15 2019 [#33 VER] 1.3 years ago

    Amazing detailing, drives really good

  • Operation Chariot 1.5 years ago

    WWII had amazing heroics, and technological leaps...
    but it's important to remember that It was also one of the ugliest and bloodiest wars in history.
    This is a great video.
    The one about the Victoria Cross is amazing.

  • (I can’t believe I have to say this) Did you know that... 2.0 years ago

    It's a good point, and I agree that there's an over use of gyro's..
    however, a Lot of helicopters have an Autopilot that stabilizes the helicopter (not unlike gyros in Simpleplanes), and also have the ability to Autohover.
    some of these are: KA-50, SA342 Gazelle, UH-60 Blackhawk and many more.

    The problem is that players just stick a gyro in to control everything, instead of it being a Secondary control option.

  • Multiplayer May 5th 2019 part one. 2.0 years ago

    @Samman0175 @Dusty51104 , please link me to the creations your flying.
    so I can add them to the Youtube description

  • Radio calls, how to Communicate as a Pilot in command. 2.7 years ago

    @BoeyingOfficial XD, yup...

    Next subject:
    Airspaces, Controlled/Uncontrolled - and how to Communicate in Uncontrolled airspace (Simpleplanes Airspace).

  • Runway Numbers.... What How and why 3.2 years ago

    @GINGER01 I am a Private Helicopter Pilot FAA Licensed, trained on Robinson R-22 and R-44.
    I am doing my training at 702Helicopters Las Vegas. (check them out, great tour prices!)
    I am working on getting all the way to CFII (Certified Flight Instructor+Instruments)
    And basically build a career in Helicopters.

    I just love seeing so many people designing and flying, and i figured I'd share some of the knowledge I gained, there's a lot of players that are interested in understanding what Real flying involves beyond moving a joystick
    and I feel like SimplePlanes is a good platform to share it :)

    Helicopters DON'T FLY!
    They Beat the air into Submission!!

  • Sa-2 Samson 19 days ago

    Very nice build!
    flies very nice and stable.
    1 issue that I have is that the AG missiles are unusable... they just plop down to the ground when launched..

  • Simple Race Tracks 6 months ago

    @Spikerya I think you were looking for something like this map

  • MP 2019 last recordings... 7 months ago

    @FishMiner @Spikerya @YourWife @benjiboyy06

  • Hostile Environment Traction Engine 7 months ago

    Ooh the big beast is finally out!! :D
    I'm going to take it for a spin later on, but I pretty much know what it can do from our drives in mp ;)

  • RAH-42 Snowfox one year ago

    @Tully2001 Why was I striked exactly?
    And why was my message deleted?!?!?!
    I was only defending myself, I could have pointed out that I'm from Israel and take the whole German ancestors to a different direction, and be a Total jerk about it!!

    I thought the comment section is made so players can respond and have a conversation about builds, If you want to prevent this, you should have banned @Zanbradcr3per from making any more posts.
    As you could clearly see where the conversation was heading!!

  • RAH-42 Snowfox one year ago

    @Zanbradcr3per The hovering idea I got from Thecatbaron as I helped him with his helicopter.
    you can find a link to the Auto pilot hover I used in the description.

  • B-17 Flying Fortress one year ago

    I love how smooth your builds are!
    They remind me of old nickel airplanes toys I had as a kid.

  • [Updated] Beware the Brown Pearl! one year ago

    @TheFantasticTyphoon I'm making a video for hunting the brown pearl.
    I'll include a link to your tutorial in the description.

  • [Updated] Beware the Brown Pearl! one year ago

    Here's a Quick suggestion.
    Save your location as a spawn point the moment you get the "Ye have made a grave mistake!" message.

  • KZ Godspeed 1.1 years ago

    @TheFantasticTyphoon Thanks :)

  • MSI-H-001 1.1 years ago

    @methirasoysa123 Cheers, I might edit it myself at some point... tho I'm busy with my own heli atm..

  • Wright airport MOD by Kakhikotchauri1 1.2 years ago

    @Kakhikotchauri1 I hope you don't mind I made this video. :)

  • Variable steering angle [solved] 1.3 years ago

    Thank you!!
    This'll be Very helpful for future builds :)

  • Orca VS Brown Pearl 1.3 years ago

    @Zanedavid Do you realize what you just started?!
    What did I ever do to deserve this?!
    My brain hurts just from thinking about it... The speed... the missiles... the weight...
    now I'm gonna have to build a "Pearl thief" aircraft
    Thank you evil Sadist, for filling my brain with more evil ideas :P

  • Evangelion EVA Unit-01 Test (Head) 1.5 years ago

    The beast awakens.

  • Douglas A-4F Skyhawk (U.S Navy) 1.5 years ago

    Good plane, Flies great!
    2 issues:
    1-Slats rotators need rescaling
    2-Landing gear needs A LOT of work...

  • SimplePlanes MP October 31st 1.5 years ago

    @TheFantasticTyphoon Sorry but I didn't really get a chance to get a good recording with it yet...
    I got some recordings, but nothing good for a video...
    Because of how Players just pop in and out of MP, I usually just start recording in the aircraft I'm in at that moment.
    Also If players are using something slow or vehicles, I need to be able to fly around them to record them, and be able to keep up with their speed.
    That's why my Orca is always my 1st go to aircraft for recordings.

    I'm trying to get a good formation flight recordings with it.
    Something that shows the R-101 cameras and capabilities, not just me flying around..

  • Coming Soon: Cessna 172S 1.6 years ago

    @BaconAircraft there you go, now it's public :)
    Thanks for the tip about editing.
    and please let me know when you finish this project, I'd love giving it a complete startup, flight and landing review video.
    (I need to warn you, I might use this plane for a future "How to do patterns" video)

  • RE-Upload Multiplayer October P-5 1.6 years ago

    Please do not Upvote this if you upvoted the original.
    I don't really care about upvotes, so I don't want anybody thinking that that's my goal here.
    I made a mistake in the info, and that's what I care about.

  • HCS-23 1.8 years ago

    Ok, Here's my honest and hard review after flight testing:
    This is a really good Helicopter!
    -Good responsive controls
    -Good stability
    -Easy to fly
    I flew it on Physics High, and it's one of the best helicopters I ever flew on Simpleplanes!

    @HarryBen47 Thanks for letting me know about this heli :)

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 1.9 years ago

    @TheFantasticTyphoon @AWESOMENESS360 If your looking for a cameraman, count me in :)
    just let me know when you're planning the flight ;)

  • Orca II Armed Final 1.9 years ago

    @DarkRainbow2 @vamad88 @TUNDERTEAM Thank you!

  • Simple Tandem helicopter 2.0 years ago

    @yoshicraze @Strikefighter04 Thank you!
    Feel free to edit and use it as you wish :)

  • When you want to go in Multiplayer and you know that you can't 2.0 years ago

    Multiplayer on mobile......
    Server: 8 players are on with a total of 3800 parts
    Mobile: sound of burning intensifies

  • Foreverpie Planex A-190-400 2.0 years ago

    @ForeverPie Thank you :)
    It's 3 different recordings I got of that beauty flying, mashed into one.
    feel free to do with it whatever you want.

  • SimplePlanes | Multiplayer May 5th 2019 part Two. 2.0 years ago

    @CarsonG1017 @AWESOMENESS360 yeah... the desync in MP sucks :(
    Flying is still fun tho ;)

  • Simpeplanes, MP with Jets... 2.0 years ago

    @Dusty51104 @BlobfishMaster @Samman0175
    please add links to the creations you flew :)