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saludos desde chile
I speak English and Spanish

my best plane created so far

my steam

my youtube

-I like mainly the war planes of vietnam
-I hate but I hate people who take spam
-I think I'm the first person to do the SS nomadic

* things:
-planes that I do not like:
any aircraft of Tupolev, Sukhoi, Ilyushin, Antonov, Mikoyan, Yakovlev, KnAAPO (any Russian aircraft company)

-planes that I like: b-737 (any generation) B-707,717,727,747,757,767, B-777 (first generation) CONCORDE !!! , hawker hunter <3, a320 / 21/19/18, a340, a330, md-11, dc-10, MD-80, L-1011, DC-8, F-35, DC-9, emb-120 brasilia, emb-190 and f-14

-Favorite airlines (in order):
2-PAL (rip)
3-air france

Airlines that I do not like:
-air koryo
-LATAM (I liked it before when they were separated now, not)

current projects:
-airoaxe? series
-MERSO series
-FOXAIR series
-FIREFOX series

-random projects (2%) (100%) (100%)

Current project:



my favorite plane

RIP concorde 1969-2003

Hawker Hunter the best plane in the world

Cathay paciic!

Planes and more planes :V

a simulator that I use:

simpleplanes map

I need it!(I already have it)

my company: MERSO.CORP or simply Merso


-DF series




-Official partner with Boeying

Previously known as diegoavion84, FoxtrotSergal