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A random Brazilian who has loved aircraft ever since he was born, a burning passion that has settled his career choice for engineering, something that now causes him some suffering through college but still puts a smile on his face nonetheless. Has been messing around with SimplePlanes for a bit, and only recently decided to go and share these creations.

I'll start off posting my older designs that I deem acceptable in terms of performance, and then gradually catch up to the newer ones I've been doing more recently.

As of November 16, 2019, the above has been completed.

I like to experiment and mess around with stuff, but most of all I like keeping things as simple as possible. As such, you'll notice my aircraft lack much detailing and aren't exactly the prettiest things around (though sleek simplicity has a beauty of its own, I must say), but on the other hand this -usually- results in very forgiving part counts. I do not play on mobile so I cannot say for sure, but bar a few exceptions, my designs should be mobile-friendly.

In SimplePlanes, I like to build whatever pops up in my mind/inspires me lately. I have a ton of projects I have written down on paper, but not nearly enough time to build them, at least not as fast as I'd want to. They are very often inspired by real aircraft, in fact more often than not, but are not replicas.

As I design a plane, I almost always have a backstory that kind of writes itself in my mind as I'm working on it. I like giving my aircraft fictional company designations and Portuguese names, as well as build up the background story of these fictional planes and the "company" designing them (And yes, the fictional company's name is a reference to the Southern Cross. I love that constellation.). Adds a bit of flavor, at least. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!