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Hello There!

I'm FlirBlitz! I make the occasional civilian aircraft, but mostly focus on military aviation, and tanks. If you decide to be an annoying little rat, you will be absolutely annihilated by the musket I have for home defense and be sent asunder into the shadow realm.
I live on earth. Well to be exact I am a resident of New York inside of the United States. How will you find me using this information? You don't. If you do you'll be met with an M256 cannon firing both M829A2 APFSDS and M830 HEATFS.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my creations, and if you have anything that may help me improve them, please do not hesitate to tell me.


My PC is a bit busted, it like freezes for no reason. CTRL ALT Delete doesnt even do anything.. it just freezes and i cant do anything except hit the on/off button... so yeah ._.


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I currently sit on the 22th page.


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They removed my pictures I don't know what happened. big sad

postimg.cc servers are more busted than Venezuelas hyperinflation. Works on pc though.

Previously known as Niyyo, Bobyo