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Hi everyone,

Flewey here. I am not too popular on here, but that's alright. I love planes, and I love making them, regardless of whether or not it's on a game so I'm fine with where I am. Besides, I don't come on here or post very often anymore anyway, so it doesn't make much of a difference.

Anyway, I hope you find my builds entertaining. Some I work hard on, others are more or less just outcomes of my boredom... I'm hoping to make some more detailed builds not that we have some new features, but I dunno, they're probably not going to be top-notch builds like some of the other people on here make.

Regardless, upvote if you feel like it, it's much appreciated if you do, but the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Either way, have fun, and happy building!

~ Flewey

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