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Hi! I'm FishbedFive, or you can call me Delta, since I mostly go by that name. I specialize in making military aircraft, armored vehicles, and taking far too long on a build. If you want to contact me, message haya_nate43 on Discord.

14 year old high functioning autistic Texan that just wants to start from a new slate. Seemingly cannot escape controversy - I've been doxxed, made fun of, and bullied by so-called "adults" because of my past actions, or because I was right.

Users I idolize:

-Reached 2021 points in 2021
-Founded C2 on July 28, 2023

All forum posts are deleted after a short amount of time as to not take your attention away from the builds.

Previously known as LostCausesIncorporated, Mei_IrizakiTheAnnoyingOne, DeltaLCI, RyuuguLCI, DeltaLCI, DeltaLCR