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Hi! I'm FishbedFive, or you can call me Delta, since I mostly go by that name. I specialize in making military aircraft, armored vehicles, and taking far too long on a build. If you want to contact me, join the Medjed Aircraft Corporation Discord, where you can also enjoy updates on my builds, and advertise yours.

15 year old high functioning autistic Texan that just wants to start from a new slate. Seemingly cannot escape controversy.

Users I idolize:

-Reached 2021 points in 2021

All forum posts are deleted after a short amount of time as to not take your attention away from the builds.

All of my posts have a political undertone but I won't tell you what my views are because I like making people angry.

Previously known as LostCausesIncorporated, Mei_IrizakiTheAnnoyingOne, DeltaLCI, RyuuguLCI, DeltaLCI, DeltaLCR