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Hello and welcome to my homepage!

Current location (joke): stranded at Point Nemo on a wooden paddle boat.
Pets: Raven named Twix and a cat named Finn
Birthday: November 24
Sports: soccer, and swimming.
Special talent: violin, can bite a lemon like an apple
Martial arts: Maui Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu.
Status/title:Push to gold.
Favorite planes: Me-262, B-36, Su-47.
From: I grew up in the USA but my family and me are Italian and are moving soon. Duel citizen
Favorite song: Man Without Love by Engelbert Humperdinck (yes that’s a real name)

My friends: @Joethehoe6969 @Testuser3745 @yghxhxdjh @h4h4l0ng4nthepl4neguy @Aikopim @YourFriendRyder @JasonVorrhees @sus232 @Kiavash83724A @Robomo00119 @JJsimple @F1Fan8910 @DatRoadTrainGuy19 @Rocketguy2079 @CanadianAircraftBuilder @Wibbley @WinsWings @Zaineman @JasonVorrhees. @Felldownstairsman @Farewellntchii

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