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Player Biography  

Guess what? I made a new bio. Yep, a brand-spanking-new bio.
I obviously am improving my skills, because now I am capable of making (some) replicas, like my A-10 that I won’t stop reuploading. In short, I think I sit atabout mid-level capabilities of engineering (the highest level being the platinums on this server).


  • I hope to make at least ten different planes this year, my first being the A-10. I hope someone will hold me to it.
  • I hope I can get to silver this year. I’m 50 or so points away so I would really be screwing up if I didn’t - achieved
  • I might make a post for feedback and link it to all of my creations. Give me a y/n on any of my creations you want.
  • If I hit all of these goals, and (somehow) get to gold, I could possibly make a plane to reward my loyal fans, if there are any that exist. I will fill the plane’s description with a ton of thankfulness and gratitude.

    Thanks for reading, I appreciate anyone who cares enough to hear me out. That’s all for now. See you guys later.

P.S. - I hit silver! A huge thank you should go to anyone that helped me get there, and I will be making a plane for the occasion! Give me a few days, and you guys will have a nice reward for your kindness. Again thank you all!

P.P.S - Whoops. School got in the way of my plans. Don’t worry, I’m not gone, but I won’t be posting that frequently until I get some down time. I got stuff to do this summer, so I will try to get back on more frequently. Silver build is still on the way. It’s good to be back.

Silver Build Idea: Scorpion Tank from Halo
(I will list more when more ideas pop into my head.)