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It seems like it's time for me to really introduce myself

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for dropping by in my profile.

As you can see in my name, I didn't really think of anything to be honest.

Personal Info about me
I don't really like giving Information about myself to avoid malware, so I hope these infos can help.
- I am already a Senior High
- I live in the Philippines
- Wants to finish college and become a Naval Architect in the future

1. History
2. German Culture and Language
3. Drawing
4. Hot but not extreme foods
5. Strawberry flavored Ice Cream
6. Military
7. War Stuffs
8. Write fictional stories
9. Soft Drinks

1. Beer

The Fiction

The Great Country (Present Period)
The Map of Great Country
Great Country is a continent located Northern most hemisphere and Southern most hemisphere of the world, specifically between Continent of Antarctica and Arctic Area. Great Country's existence was never known or little was known to the Seven Continents until the outbreak of UN-SA War. After the War, they were known as the "Lost World".