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It seems like it's time for me to really introduce myself

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for dropping by in my profile.

As you can see in my name, I didn't really think of anything to be honest.

1. History
2. German Culture and Language
3. Drawing
4. Hot but not extreme foods
5. Strawberry flavored Ice Cream
6. Military
7. War Stuffs
8. Write fictional stories
9. Soft Drinks

1. Beer

Build efforts:
I love to put details in my creations, but also I make sure that the performance of my creations is good and can work properly in many devices. That's why I mostly build my creations below 600 or even less. If my creations went beyond the limit, I apologize as I don't know what I can do to reduce it.

The Fiction

All of my lore from past t my own fictional present day happened in this continent.
Map of Great Country
Map of Great Country
Great Country is a continent located Northern most hemisphere and Southern most hemisphere of the world, specifically between Continent of Antarctica and Arctic Area. Great Country's existence was never known or little was known to the Seven Continents until the outbreak of UN-SA War. After the War, they were known as the "Lost World".
Nations in Western Great Country
- Dukedom of North Grim
- Kingdom of South Grim
- Republic of North Desertants
- Republic of Crafitanya
- Federal Republic of Sanistan

Nations in Eastern Great Country
- Union of the Royal Sovereign States
- Grand Duchy of Pivden
- Republic of Order
- Federal Republic of Rhondensa
- Democratic Republic of Pell