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  • "Fancy" screenshots and custom text when uploading new vehicles 8 months ago

    @BeastHunter GREAT! Thank you. How do you do a simple new line or paragraph in the editor though?

  • [PINNED] Markdown Formatting 8 months ago

    ! (http://i.imgur.com/6uVbwra.jpg)

  • Kugelpanzer Ausf. H VIII “Kugelblitz” 1.9 years ago

    I'll be honest, all I could think about is Mr Garrison and his "IT" anti-airline product from South Park. LOL anyway well built and I like the story...seems logical and functional at that time in possible history. Good job...

  • AirRoyale R Mk I 1.9 years ago

    @jborra cool I'll go try it now!

  • AirRoyale R Mk I 1.9 years ago

    Nice build...but just to nitpick there's no rudder to be found and the aileron rotators are too visible, distracting from the vintage styling of the aircraft. I think an updated version could be just outstanding. Very good job sir.

  • Ka-919 (FG) 3.7 years ago

    Great build! I am also having trouble getting the Guardians to work. And if you press AG7 on accident, the rotors collapse and cannot recover. Other than that, this thing is damn nice.

  • (Flying)Flying V 3.8 years ago

    Freaking epic...great job! Just when you think everything has been made in SP. I'll take one with a scalloped fretboard please lol

  • Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 4.1 years ago

    Outstanding job dude!!! I wanted to try this build but now I don't have to. #lazinessFTW

  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-4 4.2 years ago

    Most accurate 190 on here. Good job!

  • Cool suspension idea 4.2 years ago

    Great design but I made a change to increase the effectiveness of the front suspension (along with some other changes). I will upload.

  • Gee Bee Model Z (v2.0) 4.2 years ago

    @getorge I'm glad you noticed because I couldn't find it again when I was looking to add credit. Yes, very nice job. I tried to make one but had trouble figuring out how to assemble all of the cylinders around an axis and eventually gave up lol

  • Gee Bee Model Z 4.2 years ago

    Updated version posted.

  • Gee Bee Model Z 4.2 years ago

    @communisticbanana thank you

  • Double P-51 4.4 years ago

    @ProvingMars yep its called the P-82 Twin Mustang. Had six 50 cals in the wing between the left and right fuselages. Would be a cool replica to make here in SP if not already done! @ PilotPlayer you should make a new version of yours based on the historical model :)

  • Toothless my version 4.5 years ago

    Haha, this thing kinda rules even though it doesn't fly well. Needs more power (or lift, or less weight) and more vertical stability. I like how all the little fins are rudders lol.

  • BTTF Delorean "Part 2" 4.6 years ago

    This thing is sweet! Used it to get past the missles and discover the Ice Base.

  • Boeing B-17G "Nine-O-Nine" 4.6 years ago

    Excellent work

  • Messerschmitt Bf-109 E-4 4.6 years ago

    Good job bro. Nice detail and balance. Flies great through the canyons.