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Hello there


Greetings, fellow SP builders! I am Demogorgon, but my friend usually call me Ferrolon. I played SP since 2017 for fun but it was around March 2020 that i developed passion for it. It is also the month where i built my first decent craft. My bio is perhaps long, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!

Ok first thing first.

I come somewhere in S.E. Asia, but i'm pretty good with english, ngl. It's lockdown in here so i have a lot of free time. But when schools starts, i will have only limited free time for SP. I am around 13-18 years old. I'm an introvert, but i do have good communication skill. That allow me to play both sides lmao.

I am a weeb! Some of you might find it mediocre, but hey, everyone have their own favorite thing, you know? If you find it disgusting and heresy, then f*#k off, your opinion doesn't matter to me. I love anime because, uhm..... Idk? Anyway, my favorite Anime is currently One Punch Man!

I am a naming god! I am VERY proficient with naming! If you find yourselves struggling to find a name for your build or for other things, just tag me on website or contact me through Discord!

I love musics! I often go for 150km trip weekly, and boy, do they really make me bored. So in the road, i listen to musics frequently using my earphone! I usually love upbeat EDM musics, Anime musics, and Musics that originates from something i like, for example a music that i have heard in my favorite games!
My favorite Musician is Porter Robinson and LiSA, as well as many other musician youtubers!

I am a car guy too! I love European and japanese engines and Straight Cut Gears whine! My favorite cars is Mazda Miata because it is cute, BMW M3 E46 because NFSMW, Mercedes SL65 AMG Because V12 engine, and Audi RS4 because of being a Sleeper car! I play Beamng. Drive sometimes, despite having to deal with 40fps since my pc is technically not meeting the minimum system requirements..... TwT

My Discord username is @Ferrolon-chan#9817, if you want to chat with me. If you want to join my server, then here is the link to it!

Ok, for now that is all i have to say! Since you are here, why not take a look at my planes and upvote if you like them? I will expand this bio more in future. I hope you have a good day!

Previously known as Ferrolon, Demogorgon