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oh, Hello There


"don't take a bath too Long or the Shampoo bottle Will start Speaking"

-Wise man

Henlo to the Adventurer who travelled to this Account, Hope you have a nice day

Fictional Army

3 x Glorious Class CVN
3 x Majestic Class CVN
12 x Maywar Class Air Defense Destroyer
6 x Sovereign Class Missile Guided Destroyer
6 x Sriwijaya Class Missile Guided Destroyer
16 x Poseidran Class Frigate
24 x Idenberg Class Frigate
18 x Malahayati Class Corvette
and 200 Other Ships (Transport,Tanker,Patrol,Landinh,etc...)
2 x Majapahit Class Fleet Carrier
4 x Mataram Class Fleet Carrier
2 x Batara Class Heavy Battleship
4 x Kalingga Class Fast Battleship
2 x Tidore Class Battleship
3 x Isyana Class Battlecruiser
4 x Makassar Class Heavy Cruiser
4 x Java Class Heavy Cruiser
4 x Bali Class Light Cruiser
4 x Karta Class Light Cruiser
36 x Brawijaya Class Destroyer
18 x Siliwangi Class Destroyer
24 x Sarwadjala Class Destroyer
10 x Surapati Class Destroyer
and other 200
No idea
i actually had 9 Project of Land vehicle but too lazy to finish it

Previously known as FelixEngineering, FelixHCSX, FelixTheDoggo