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A little about me

I am a British, Trans-Woman, 19-year old that is currently in my 1st year of University, studying Photography. I also am Autistic (Asperger's Syndrome).

I was training to get my Private Pilot's Licence, but I am now unable to fly Solo due to my Autism, so that's out the window. Currently however, I have nearly 30 hours of IRL flying under my belt.

I am in the RAF Air Cadets too.

If you want to speak to me on discord, here's my name: FeatherWing162#6258

'Founder of Lightning Aircraft Industries'

A little about Lightning Aircraft Industries:

The British company, Lightning Aircraft Industries (LAI) was founded in 1936 as an aircraft manufacturer. They first started developing aircraft for the RAF and the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm, but would later expand to making aircraft for other nation's militaries. It made many successful aircraft like the TA-78 Air Shark, mainly its successor, the TA-78 Mk.II. After the end of WW2, the company moved to mostly making civilian aircraft like the AP-29 and more recently, the AP-29VL, it's most successful GA aircraft yet.
But they would continue to make military aircraft as well. The company is still in service today.

History of the Royal StarLight Airforce (RSLAF)

The Royal StarLight Airforce was formed in 1985 on Rockway Island, a small island 5 miles off the South-East coast of England. It had been formed to help protect the island, but also to be sort of a support force for the Royal Air Force if needed. Another main reason was to create many jobs for the small island.

So far, the main Theatre of combat the RSLAF has seen was the Gulf war.

Aircraft designations of the RSLAF (From 1985-Present)

  • T - Fighter
  • G - Ground attack
  • GR - Ground attack, Reconnaissance
  • J - Trainer
  • TR - Transport (Cargo)
  • GP - Government Transport
  • H - Rotorcraft (Helicopter)
  • R - Reconnaissance
  • K[Designation] - Prototype
  • S[Designation] - Experimental


1st Attack Group, 'The Pyramids'
1st Fighter Wing, 'Storm Swords'
1st Trainer group, 'The Blackbirds'

(All logos for each RSLAF section. List above is in order of left to right for the logos below)

All Aircraft types

LAI GR-2 Nebula [Limited service]
LAI T5-K Starling [Operational]
LAI G-85 Hellfire [Operational]
BAE Hawk (J-1) [Limited Service]
LAI T75-K Vixen [Operational]

Stay Calm and Fly High!

Just a full picture of my current profile picture in case anyone wanted to see the whole drawing:

Character Reference sheet if anyone wanted more info on my OC.

My most favourite art I've done

Previously known as ND40X