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  • How does the point system work? 3.8 years ago

    You get bronze at 101 points.
    You get silver at 1001 points.
    You get gold at 5001 points.
    You get platinum at 25,0001 points/ 25.0k points.
    A spotlight sends puts the aircraft in the jetstream of your followers. But you must have more points than the creator of the craft that you are spotlighting.
    An upvote on a forum post is worth 2 points.
    An upvote on a craft post is worth 15 points.
    And an upvote on a mod is worth around 25 points, I think.

  • How do I post a photo in create forum post 1.4 years ago

    Do ![](Image link .png/image file extension)

  • Pathetic Humans... 1.5 years ago

    I think it might be translated as such:
    you probably won't understand this. unless you are smart, and you go to a certain website... i have learned every thing i can about human society it's... interesting. you see you will never find us. just...give up. you will never find the wonders of gamma tech "science" won't help you now. if you want, you can explore space for years and years. you will never find an. information on new species. you humans only explored less than -% of your planet's ocean. so how do y0u expect to explore space? hm? you have no idea. you'll run around in circles. you will collect information but learn nothing. well, you probably have "determination" hah. go scream in a pillow and mourn your defeats. nothing can help you. unless a miracle happens

  • Help with ship hull building 2.5 years ago

    Number one:
    The bow (Bottom section) So, just take a fuselage block (bottom part curved top part hard edges) that's around 5 wide and 2 high for a ship that has a beam and draft of 25 meters and 10 meters respectively.
    Reduce the width of the front end by 0.25 and add another fuselage block in front.
    Reduce the width of the new fuselage block by 0.5 and add another and reduce it by 0.75, then add a new block and reduce by 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 and so on until it reaches 0.

    Number two:
    Now, heres the hard part. Take a fuselage block and flip it such that the width goes length wise along the ship (Call it block B) and put it on the rearmost fuselage block making up the bow. use a triangle calculator like this to find out how long block B should be.
    if the block making up the bottom part is 1.5 long and reduces its width by 0.25, you'd input 1.5 to AB 90 degrees to angle A and 0.125 to side C (basically, see how much the width reduction is and halve it)

    Therefore, block B should be 1.505 in width (remember that it has to be facing lengthwise and that the height of the block should controlling its width and length be controlling how tall it is.) and 4.764 degrees away from 0, 90,180,270 or 360 degrees.

    Now for hull flaring:

    Take another block B (Let's call it block B1). Put it on a fuselage block directly behind the bow where the width reduction is 0 AKA it has to go straight and cannot get wider or narrower.

    Increase the width of this block B1 such that the width on top is slightly more than the width at the bottom and mess around with the rise and run to make it lean forward. Afterwards use the rise and run on on the block Bs on the bow to fit in with the Block B1.
    Here is an example of what the bow should look like at the end Anyone can use it.

    Now for the stern. just take instructions number one with a few minor adjustments.
    First off, you don't want it to go down to 0, but rather 1 or some value that's above 0.
    Secondly, reduce the height of the blocks halfway down the stern such that it reaches a a height of 0 at the very back.

    As for the blocks above the waterline, just follow what is being done below the waterline, except with no height reductions. But put a block at the very back and reduce give it a rounded bottom.

  • Engine efficiency 3.3 years ago

    Reduce min="0" max="1" to something like min="0" max="0.5" while increasing powerMultiplier="1"

  • Russian Bias 1.3 years ago

    @BlackhattAircraft He's using the images from the unlisted posts.

  • How to make reflective surfaces with paint? 2.2 years ago

    Or you could so it manually by scrolling down to the very bottom of your craft .xml file and setting
    m="1" s="1"
    m="0" s="1" />

  • [Solved] Custom Landing Gear Problem 3.2 years ago

    If all the collisions in the landing gear are set to false, you could nudge the rotator up.(Just the rotator, not the other parts)

  • How to turn a ship? 3.3 years ago

    Well, you could either increase the propeller horsepower to 500,000 and add more of them if you still aren't fast enough. OR you could use xlml modded jet engines, but these will probably prevent you from reversing. @Spacedoge12345plane

  • QC-12.121 High wing variant 3.3 years ago

    @BrianAircraftsNew There would have been a "mom" in the middle. But since there was no space, it now looks like an aircraft registered in Ukraine.

  • A poem 3.4 years ago

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    I've got a gun
    Get off my lawn

  • Poropellers please help! For underwater 3.5 years ago

    Set the propeller chord in the craft .xml file to 8 or above.

  • NS Herrnstadt IV 3.7 years ago

    @KingPanzerVIII Thanks! Sometimes, it happens on most of the larger ships.

  • YaLg 4 months ago

    @temporaryaccount By waiting for a few minutes and hoping that the game doesn't crash.

  • How do you make large creations less laggy? 1.4 years ago

    calculateDrag="false" dragScale="0"

  • Sd.kfz. 251 with 88mm Flak 1.5 years ago

    Some feedback:
    It handles well offroad, easy to drive and the turret is stable even when its deployed on a slope.

  • Im running into an unavoidable problem 1.6 years ago

    You can add "damperMultiplier" to <JointRotator.State so it looks like <JointRotator.State range="30" speed="0.3" damperMultiplier="100" />
    Add more 0s if its still too wobbly.

    Stacking rotators can also help. Like turning a rotator with a 90 degree range into three rotators with 30 a degree range.

    EDIT: Suggested rotator configuration for your build would be:
    Two rotators with "damperMultiplier="100000"

  • SB Type battlecruiser 1.6 years ago

    @KrysisAverted1985 Add damperMultiplier="1000000" to <JointRotator.State so it looks something like this <JointRotator.State range="30" speed="0.3" damperMultiplier="1000000" />

  • The Best Fighter Plane of World War Two 2.2 years ago

    Is that a train?

  • Quick Survey - Most influential SP user ? 2.2 years ago


  • SimplePlanes Active User census 2.4 years ago

    I'm here or something, comrade.

  • C-669 Box locomotive 2.4 years ago

    @Stormfur Possibly

  • Overspeed 2.5 years ago

    You'll have to put it under <HeliMainRotor.State Like: <HeliMainRotor.Stat power="1500" maxRpm="1"

  • A-1E SKYRAIDER II 2.6 years ago

    Apparently, its possible to fly it with the wings folded. Perfect for putting it on the USS Tiny.

  • Making a Timeline of SimplePlanes Community History 2.6 years ago

    Early access alpha testing was released on the 19th of July 2014
    The first planes were shared on the 22th of August 2014
    The first accounts were made on the 9th of October 2014

  • C-66.6 UP B+B-B+B wide nose unit 3.1 years ago

    @Strikefighter04 The Unidad Popular is close enough.

  • C-66.6 prototype 3.1 years ago

    @BoeyingOfficial Close enough

  • How to turn a ship? 3.3 years ago

    Put a rudder at the front and invert the input?

  • Notification Bug 3.6 years ago

    Its been around for such a long time that its probably a feature instead of a bug.

  • NS Kaliningrad 3.7 years ago

    The lifeboats use around 640 parts in total, which goes to show that lifeboats are always a bad idea.

  • How to build a blimp 3.8 years ago

    @doge It can take a few minutes to get the gyroscope working properly. But when it does, its really useful.

  • Is there a way to remove engine sound? 4.7 years ago

    Well, you could reduce the min=0 min=1 to min=0 min=0.05 and change the thrust multiplier.

  • YaLg 4 months ago

    @Bruh3798 3-4 weeks

  • How to turn a ship? 5 months ago

    @CaptainJackSparrow With a ship propelled by sails, it will be less complicated when it comes to steering. Just use the rudder at the stern and rudder inside the bow. If your ship weighs less than 2 million pounds, using a gyroscope for stability will not be needed.

  • C-66.6 prototype 8 months ago

    @80TH https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/F8cT23/C-66-6-prototype-unmodded

  • What should be my next ship? 10 months ago


  • Hull 3 "research" ship one year ago

    @Typhoon03 I can't help you with it as the rounded stern, lack of ship plans and the hull sheer makes the ship too hard for me to build.

  • EG-0406 1A+A1-1A+A1 1.4 years ago

    @Tang0five I hit the semi trailer in the second screenshot at around 125 mph and somehow sent it flying in the third screenshot.

  • HS class transport 1.4 years ago

    @Tang0five Nope, it runs perfectly.

  • Weird lightning bug 1.5 years ago

    Its what happens when either the width or height is scaled to a greater value than the other, like scale="1,0.01,1" and either the "rise" or the "run" value is set too high OR the corners are set the anything other than "Hard"

    Solution A: Increase the thickness of the offending blocks by increasing the scale.

    Solution B: Reduce the Rise or Run by using smaller blocks.

  • LZ-6000 1A+A1-1A+A1 1.5 years ago

    @z24zorpx4 Yes, though the Crandall cab looks more elegant.

  • Six-Year Plan battleship-A 1.7 years ago

    @Tang0five Set every cannon except for one to firingDelay="0". set that other cannon's firing delay to your desired reload time. As for the rotator, I have no idea.

  • FR-100-2019 1.8 years ago

    @Kweed10 I have not been able to recreate the issue. Therefore, the best solution for you would be to remove the helicopter engines. The two in the engine compartment and the one on the hood.

  • FR-100-2019 1.8 years ago

    @Kweed10 If it blows up in water, its something to do with the engines. I've never had the engines blow up while driving on land.

  • FR-100-2019 1.8 years ago

    @Kweed10 Its in the engine compartment.

  • FR-100-2019 1.8 years ago

    @Stormfur This truck is almost certainly the result of an unholy union between a Peterbilt 389 and an Australian Freightliner FLC with some influences from a ZIS-150 and the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, judging by the hammer and sickle inside the sleeper.

  • Thank you everyone- More Pictures of Ara Ara 1.9 years ago

    Oh my, it looks good.

  • OMG, these people really love to gloat! 2.1 years ago

    1: QC-12 testbed 2362 downloads and 735 parts .
    2: QC-12 propeller 2222 downloads and 666 parts.
    3: Resurgence 2007 downloads and 666 parts.

  • Brot Type C Battlecruiser 2.2 years ago

    @GeneralOliverVonBismarck Definitely. Like the North Koreans somehow getting their hands on a battlecruiser sort of unrealism.