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I just like building planes. Been evolving on how I make my builds, but for the most part it's either Replicas or Custom builds.

Personal Building Progress are as follows:

First generation

-Basic Parts
-No Fusalage Parts
-None Exist. Only surviving build is No Fusalage Challenge - Alphajet

Second generation

-Basic Replica builds
-Based on game parts
-No xml editting.
-Last build - UH-60A Blackhawk

Third Generation

-Basic Replica builds
-Based on game parts
-Xml editting used.
-Occasional use of Wing thickness or Realistic wings.
-From Yak-38 till Aurora D8.

Fourth Generation

-Remakes of the Second Generation
-Use of Blueprint feature
-Use of the cannon part
-Some User requests.
-From T-72 till Model 985-40 VSW.

Fifth Generation

-Realistic size replicas
-Personal builds
-Use of glass cockpits.
From Modded Detailed Mig-29 till Mig-34 Fat Fulcrum.

Sixth Generation

-Realistic paint jobs
-Realistic performance.
-From A-4E Skyhawk VMA-311 till Harrier AV-8B Plus USMC VMA-311

Seventh Generation

-Use of cockpit parts, text, Fuselage slice
-Detailed cockpits
-Intricate Designs
-VR integration
-From A-8 Aquan D-3 onwards...

I am go in and out of building hiatus, so it will vary on how much I build... Also, I am no longer taking requests. I apologise for the inconvenience.