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hello, I'm Brazilian and I'm 14 years old, I do anything from XML constructions and small things to weird and unbelievable or beautiful things, depending on your taste,

things about me:

  • I live in a city called São Luiz Do Paraitinga, in São Paulo.

  • I have already made a promise to never remove my glasses from my face, only when I change the lenses in my glasses.

  • I've seen a high-speed UFO at night.

  • I already lived in the countryside until I was 3 years old, because of a devastating flood that flooded my entire city, I lived for 6 months in a school and then I was drawn to a new house.

  • I'm afraid of a picture of a white cat with eyes wide open, if I'm not mistaken, this picture is an old meme, it's a very strange fear if you stop to think.

  • I've seen paranormal things, like black and white figures.

  • I collect perfumes and crystals.

  • I take care of 4 cats and 2 dogs.

I like making futuristic spaceships and buildings more than replicas of real planes

how i met simpleplanes, well it's a long story.

when I was a kid, I liked these sandbox games a lot, so I kept watching videos of family games, until I saw this game, I kept seeing a lot of people playing this game and I loved it, but unfortunately I didn't have a good computer for games. , so time went by until I was able to play on my cell phone, I played a lot, at that time I didn't have an account on the simpleplanes site, until I found this site, I tried to create an account but I couldn't, so I left it aside and continued playing normally , time went by until miraculously I got a 1 GB video card, and I was able to play on the computer, I was very happy, but something was missing, I was wanting to have an account on the simpleplanes website, so there I went again make an account, and I managed to create, I wanted an account on the simpleplanes website because I wanted to show everyone what I really had in my thoughts, like spaceships and futuristic buildings, and some things that could help people on this site.

the biography might get bigger later on, but then feel free to ask me questions and see what I do <3

And another thing, legend has it that if you vote up my builds, comment and spotlight, I'll follow you, and I'll leave a trail by voting positively on every comment on any post

have fun <3