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HI there, yes you

I build Mobile Friendly Planes.


Current device: Android
Current status: Inactive


Name: Hazerz
Age: 14yrs
Hobbies: things only gamer weebs understand
Current Goal: None
Favs: SP(ofc), ROBLOX
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Country: Philippines

My Friends and Best friends:

BeastHunter he's such a best friend, he's the reason why i reached silver rank.

Youwantsom3 he's my friend IRL.

DirgantaraAeronautical he's one of my earliest friends in the community.

YYEE matalik na kaibigan.

Otana pretty nice guy really good friend, also a high ranking friend.

EternalDarkness pretty nice friend, good person, really nice guy. He is currently my highest ranking friend.

Sakorsky he/she is one of my dearest no.... my very very very dearest of friends in the community.

jamesPLANESii he's an official Curator of the community, and there are others like him, he's a good guy and a nice person.

ZaineMan he's a nice person and a nice guy.

PIVOZAVR great person and a nice friend, i helped him/her to reach platinum.

Rjenteissussy one of my friendliest friends

X99STRIKER a very important person to this community and a really good Best Friend

IceCraftGaming fellow Pinoy and one heck of a comrade

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Rank Achievements:

Paper-December of 2021
Bronze- December of 2021
Silver-March 6 2022
Gold-Not yet
Platinum-Not yet

Followers Achievements:

10 Followers- March 6 2022

Points Achievements:

2000 Points-March 21 2022
3000 Points April 29 2022

Last Edited at 7/16/22

Previously known as T800GUNNER, FRIGGLES, Hazerz