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If at first, you don't succeed, call an airstrike.

Using my brother's account is fun lol
Yeah, I currently use his account


Welcome to the ExpMC page.

I play this game on August 2020
I join the website on 17 November 2020

Devices :

Old phone
- Samsung A70 2016 (Barely used)

New phone
- Redmi Note 10 (Currently used)

I'm a member of

(SP community)

  • SPSC
  • United Worldbuilder
  • SimplePlanes Indonesia
  • SimplePlanes Winterfield Café


  • IMFDB community


About me

I'm ExpMC, a Gacha kid that interested in Firearms, Aviation, and Military stuff. On this site and in the game itself, I'm just a normal and semi-newbie player.
Mostly making on Helicopter, rarely making Airplanes.
Usually making Western and Europe styles build.
Currently barely making roleplay stories due to the sensitivity of politics, incorrect stuff, and yeah it's cringe

Uhh, if you want to contact me in discord, my user is MC'nt#6435 (I change my name for some reason)

Some Useless thing about me
- Indonesian
- 16 y.o
- InTrOvErT
- Kinda bit lazy, but trying to be productive
- Speaks English, Indonesian, and Local language

Other Games that I play
- Lonewolf
- Sierra 7
- Gacha Club
- Call Of Duty: Mobile
- Blue Archive
- Modern Strike Online
- SFG 2 (offline mode)
- SFG 3
- Reckless Getaway 2
- Gunship Battle
- Traffic Racer
- Trainz Simulator
- Gunsim





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Bronze: 18th November 2020

Silver: 2nd February 2021

Gold: 27th December 2021

Have a nice day!




Previously known as RafiAgny, ExpMC, ExpmcTheGachaPlayer, ExpMC, ThatGachaKid