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If at first you don't succeed, Call an airstrike.

Using my brother account was fun lol


Welcome to ExpMC page.

I play this game at August 2020
I join the website at 17 November 2020

Devices :
-Redmi Note 10
My new phone lolololol

Im member of

  • SimplePlanes Indonesia
  • SPSC
  • United Worldbuilder
  • SPWR



About me

I'm a J High school student from Indonesia. And I'm 16 y.o, you guessed it right?. Since in here, I more focus on Helicopter builds (ofc I'm a Helicopter enthusiast). I'm barely making a Replica or fiction.

I'm also a small digital artist, yes I like drawing especially on digital! But I'm never sharing my arts on here since it was private. But sometimes I'm sharing my arts only for Concept vehicles that I will release.

Even I'm Indonesian, I'm usually making Western vehicles (yes, I'm interested more in Western, especially the United States). I'm also making Eastern vehicles too, Russian vehicles for example. But I rarely post it.

I'm playing some PS2 games, FPS, Simulation, and Character Designers like Gacha Club or Gacha Life. But I mostly play FPS games. I'm also like Anime for fun, my favorite Anime was Chibi Anime.

And you need to notice about me, My English is kinda bad, especially in Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuations. The translator app may help me for a while. So, I'm sorry if you don't understand what I wrote. I just want to make my English better than before!








Bronze : 18 November, 2020

Silver : 2 February, 2021

Gold : 27 December 2021

Only there i have

Have a nice day!


Yeah i know this is not funny




Previously known as RafiAgny, ExpMC, ExpmcTheGachaPlayer