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I found out about this game through Jacksepticeye when he briefly played it and bought it on steam at sale price. I'm currently studying Engineering, but I've always had an interest in building stuff. Also I am a weeaboo. Hence "Engineer Otaku."

Most of what I build are military planes, and I strive to have them look as close to blueprints/IRL form as possible with what knowledge of the game I have. Performance is a bit less of a priority, but I want at the very least a build that handles believably and is stable - something I haven't gotten right every time. My focus recently is replicas, starting with the old Su-27P I made. I'm not afraid to dip into fictional designs; I play SP for fun afterall.

Eventually I'll branch off to civilian planes too, but I don't see myself exploring any further than that and a conceptual or replica helicopter. Ships, cars, etc. aren't my thing, but props to those that do make builds of these.