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I suppose you can think of my current status on the SP website as a reboot of my account. After a phase of wiping the slate clean and taking a long time away from the website (mostly due to personal reasons that don't need to be explained here), I simmered down and decided to return. Hopefully I'll be able to bring some of my old builds back, either through whatever pre-wipe builds I still have on my computers or by remaking them entirely.

Most of my focus will be in military combat aircraft, with strong emphasis on designs from the Interwar period up to the end of the Cold War. I intend to dip my toes into civilian planes as well and maybe start introducing the odd helicopter or two. While the majority of my builds are going to be replicas I fully intend to add more fictional craft to my repertoire as well - especially given that the last builds I left before I took hiatus were planes I envisioned for a fictional setting I've been brainstorming for a while.

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