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This summer, I'll be very busy, so I might not post very often, though I'll do my best to get some projects out


Online sometimes

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About me

Cat lover
Book lover
Plane lover
Very nice person
Loves playing trumpet; also am really good at it
Have a pet yorkie

Important Dates

Bronze:About a week after starting
Silver: Two weeks after starting
Gold: 5/12/22
Platinum: not sure I'll ever get here

Starline Industries

Starline Industries is a fictional company I made up that includes BeastHunter, who is the head of Starline Industries' Space Branch, and Aviator01, who works in the Space Branch. Starline Industries makes futuristic, very powerful planes. It was founded in 2022 by [Classified]. It makes very powerful hoverplanes, hoverfighters, missiles, UAVs, UCAVs, and much more.

The Cantalian Air Force/Cantalia

In many of my posts, I mention either Cantalia, the Cantalian Air Force, or both. Cantalia, like Starline Industries, is a fictional country that I made up. The Cantalian Air Force is the air force for Cantalia (obviously). Cantalia was founded in 2021, by [Classified Name]. It is known for its desire for peace, its extraordinary military power, and its beautiful scenery and cities. It may be a very tiny island, but don't underestimate Cantalia. It has the most feared military ever known. Approximately 800,000 people live in this beautiful country, and a steady stream of tourists come year round.

Aircraft Classification

Aircraft that I make will state their class, then their type. Ex. AA-H would be an air fighter that can hover.
Class AG- Ground attack aircraft
Class AA- Air fighter
Class M- Air fighter and ground attacker
Class XAA- Air fighter with extreme maneuverability
Class XAG- Ground attacker with extreme maneuverability
Class XM- Air fighter and ground attacker with extreme maneuverability
Class H- Helicopter
Class B- Bomber

Type H- Hovers (no wheels)
Type W- Uses wheels; doesn't hover

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