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This is my page for transferring and testing files for mobile use. Feel free to test out posts, and provide feedback. My focus is low part builds, sometimes that isn't possible, but usually, if I can, I try to keep my stuff under 300 parts.

Upcoming Builds
Build Order: Scaling/Rough/Detailing/Debugging

  • Star Trek Constitution Class / Debugging
  • ED Sidewinder / Rough
  • ???? (I told myself I'd never make a Tie Fighter since it's overdone, but this case warrants an exception)

Company Lore
My builds always have their parent company attached for builds, only fair to give the original designer credit. For my own personal builds, I have some fictional companies associated with them to fit a build style.

  • EAS Echo Aviation Systems: Started by the Emerald Sea Alliance as it's domestic design bureau, EAS fields, funds and manages projects. For awhile they helped out it's allies with some of the most advance fighters using new building techniques that made designs lightweight, while still being able to hold the payloads to complete missions. While EAS still designs fighters, they will usually pass off the work to other companies.

  • Avenel Flight/Space Works: Avenel FSW is an entity contracted by EAS to build and design fighters and ships. Being that Avenel started out designing luxury liners, and are not limited by military regulations, the designs tend to be unconventional, using curves, accented panels, and unusual design elements. Don't let their fancy aesthetics fool you though, their designs are more than capable machines, and popular with security forces, as well as funded mercenaries groups.

  • Carentan Heavy Shipyards: Operates outside of EAS in support of Acadia, even though Acadia has gone out of it's way to make enemies with everyone, EAS has a hard time not supporting it's allies. These designs use more geometric, and sharp edges. Building mostly heavy transport and military vehicles, the emphasis is on function over form.

My Notes

Nomenclature Chart

When transferring mobile to computer and vice versa, use nomenclature chart below:


Plane Nomenclature Classification:
Ex: F/A-425E

A Code:
-F: Fighter
-F/A: Multirole
-A: Attacker

B Code:
-1: Conventional Low wing, Rudder, Tail
-2: Delta with Canards
-3: Conventional High wing, Rudder, Tail
-4: Tail less Delta Design

C Code:
- Base model number, or aircraft designation during building process (ex: aircraft 25 becomes F-X25X, X as variable for designation specified above)

D Code:
- Variation (ex: A,B,C,ECT.)