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In service
I don't know why but I use a space between my comments.

working on...

A plane

-. --- - / .. -. / ... .--. / -- .- ... . .-. / -.-. .... .- -

Fly high at tortoise standards.

Hello. I don't mind if my planes are as weird as this!

But it doesn't matter if I entertain you. That's my aim
(Get it? Hint below)

Or I just play around...


Q:will you mod this
A:no sorry I'm an iPad user

Q:will you collaborate with me?
A:yes! Unless it's over 350 parts.

Q:how old are you
A:you can easily work it out

Q:will you ever be on PC
A:I can get onto it sometimes but my skills are horrible. I play with mods

Q:what era of planes do you make
A: modern and rarely 40s

Q:will you upvote
A:I upvote ALL the time for new and professional players. Even those who think they're horrible. You're all as good as each other

Q:who do you spotlight
A:well anyone who needs points or those great builds. I'm always happy to help

Q:What's your favourite car?
A: guess. Seems like my son got my password
It's the E type. The best ever car made

My advice in simpleplanes.

Never argue with moderators

Take time and upgrade quick builds

Be kind to people. This helps you get points by making friends.

Advice for new users

Try to make planes from YOUR inspiration

Make your planes by plans from the internet

Try use a variety of shapes. Just use fusalarge blocks!


Ps I made a typing error. I'm 53

hello I'm ESIOTROT121. Just a normal 53 year old who has a family and pets. I brought this game in April of 2016 but made my account in June.

I hope you enjoy my builds. Please make sure to follow for nice planes that I spotlight


Estimate. It will take me 1.5 years to get to 10,000 points.
Will never get one I'm my planes on that YouTube thing
My PC got a virus by a user ON THIS GAME that made a plain map of Tokyo ( error code was 404404 ). Aka black screen of death
5 planes a week
I am honest but I think my planes are truly bad. Lack of computer work. That's why

.. ..-. / -.-- --- ..- / .-. . .- -.. / - .... .. ... / -.-- --- ..- .----. .-. . / ...- . .-. -.-- / ... -- .- .-. -

People who are great

FASTFLIGHT (good friends on this website)

And all my downloaders ; all the developers ; plus the moderators ; and I didn't for get all my followers and upvoters.

Enjoy some game photos!