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Some Nice Relaxing music for ya, Profile visitor


Hellowsa! im Needle! a DML (Dank Memes Lover) to the death! you mgiht know me for being that Silver ranked guy that usually uploads something(i think) anyway lets talk more about me! I live in Venezuela Country Of Le Tallest waterfall in world, My likeys are: Electronic Music, Extremely Bass Boosted Music(example here,Geometry Dash(i love it),Anime(in Low Proportions),
Absurd Comedy(Example1,example2),CellDweller,Gorillaz,F-777,Pokemon,A lot of things in fact, so enjoy browsing throug my posts(Will ya?).

What i like to build?

Mostly Fictional Aircrafts, experimental concepts and sometimes a replica.

My fictional builds are more likely to be associated to a company like i did awhile ago with "Needle Dynamics" and "dinastia", i may work on a series of aircraft based upon My New Fictional company "NeedleCo" or "NeedCo" for simplicity

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