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DwiAngkasa Aeronautics is an aerospace industry producing all national need for aerospace machines. DAA Aeronautics specializes in military planes and parts. Fighter, bomber, multirole, jets, prop, transports, custom missile and bombs, you name it.

First formed in 2018, DAA Aeronautics study and research the Simpleplanes mechanics in the dawn of the company. We study how basics flying works. Then we research the basics of air combat, air to land engagement, and many more. As time progress, XML editing has boosted the quality and performance upgrades of production.

The First few plane production came in form of prototypes. Hence why advark 21, 35, and DC -2 are not painted.

DAA Aeronautics divided by 5 corp:
1. Axion Corps, specialized in vertical vehicle
2. Advark Corps, specialized in heavy bomber & transport
3. Harfarks Corps specialized in multirole naval combat aircraft
4. Warbirds Corps, specialized in Air Superiority aircraft
5. Migsu Corps, specialized in multirole combat aircraft
6. Joint Corp, specialized in custom parts

Status: semi-active/hiatus

due to personal stuff