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  • P-air-a Boat Suprise 5 months ago

    I can. @Madmaximus

  • Fishler Fi-420 (Starch) 3.4 years ago

    Haha it's not a typo. Yes, Fieseler Storch is the real plane. I built this from memory but when I looked up a picture of the real thing I realized that It wasn't close enough to call it a Storch. I took some artistic liberties. :) @RamboJutter @THEAIRCRAFTCRAFTER

  • Artistic License Built P-51D 3.4 years ago

    @ThePilotDude Thank you!! I'm a huge fan of your models!

  • Fishler Fi-420 (Starch) 3.4 years ago

    True. But the real storch had a take off length of 30 meters. @Mtnmakoa @Mtnmakoa

  • Pelican 3.4 years ago

    This is wonderful!

  • Spirit of Saint Louis 5.9 years ago

    This is such a well done model!

  • Il Tempo Gigante from The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix 5.9 years ago

    @Treadmill103 Yes! I agree!

  • P-61 Black Widow 5.9 years ago

    I flew this untill the fuel ran out

  • P-61 (WIP) 5.9 years ago

    Wut. !! Looking forward to seeing this thing done!

  • BF-110 2.0 5.9 years ago

    This is so amazing!!! Sooo amazinggg!!!!

  • Cistern Plane 5.9 years ago

    This plane is awesome! It's totally mad max! I love the cocpit

  • WW1 French ramming plane 5.9 years ago

    This is a beautiful little plane

  • EGV-44M Mule 5.9 years ago

    This might be the coolest planes I've ever seen on this game... Thumbs up

  • Blohm & Voss BV 141 5.9 years ago

    They should have added this to IL-2 1946...

  • Crash It ? 5.9 years ago

    @MatthewCoolman Ahhhh you can do that? Props work inside parts?

  • Aircraft? 5.9 years ago

    I had uploaded this to transfer it to another computer. It wasn't letting me type my password on my mac for some reason so I didn't upload it as unlisted. It ended up becoming the "wish I had an ultralight" in the end.
    @Flash0of0green @MasterManufacturingCo

  • Crash It ? 5.9 years ago

    @MatthewCoolman It already is at full. And because of how many drag points there are you need exponentially more thrust to go even a little bit faster. I'm bumbed about the jets too. But alteast it flies.

  • U-Boat type C7 5.9 years ago

    You're super good at building models

  • Handley Page HP.52 Hampden 5.9 years ago

    For you my friend. :)

  • Handley Page HP.52 Hampden 5.9 years ago

    Beautifully done model! This thing looks great!
    I noticed that your main wings are semetric. I tinkerd a bit and got it to fly level. But it was heavy...

  • Short Stirling 1940 5.9 years ago

    This model has alot of charm

  • Crash It ? 5.9 years ago

    @MasterManufacturingCo I built it in hopes that it would break appart in splendid glory, but I think it turnd out too heavy and everything collapses and explodes. You have to fly really slow to have a cool crash... sadly.

  • A Fast Needle (Pushing for 3000 points) 5.9 years ago

    Dude, I love your paint on all your planes

  • Crash It ? 5.9 years ago

    @DatsunEngineeringCompany Copy the coverd side over so the whole plane is coverd. Then just fly it... and crash it. :)

  • The Polar Express 5.9 years ago

    This is so wonderful!

  • EGV-44 Mule 5.9 years ago

    This is such a great model! Wasnt this the biggest single engine prop plane to be built?

  • Albatros Dr. II 5.9 years ago

    There's something extreamly asthetically pleasing about this...

  • Mil Mi-10K 5.9 years ago

    This is really well done

  • AusgewogenKunst.GyroCraft 5.9 years ago

    Dude, this thing is dope!

  • Su-27 5.9 years ago

    This is so well done!

  • airplane for begineers 5.9 years ago


  • RACE ME 5.9 years ago

    @jdcraft Sweet!

  • RACE ME 5.9 years ago

    @jdcraft You won a race with this?

  • DRUM SOLO!- Mini game 5.9 years ago

    Most excellent, dude!

  • Influence of Synergy Aircraft Project C 5.9 years ago


  • M26 'Pershing' 5.9 years ago

    This is such a master piece...

  • Ultralight Aircraft 5.9 years ago

    Yeah Buddy!

  • random 5.9 years ago

    I enjoyed this

  • Spaghetti 5.9 years ago

    Nice to see someone else apreciates this era of flight too :)

  • Boat Flying 5.9 years ago

    @Pilotmario I accept

  • Wish I had an Ultralight 5.9 years ago

    @Cedy117 and EternalDarkness, Thank you for the feature!

  • M.Corp Sparrow 5.9 years ago

    @EternalDarkness Me too

  • Dudminn I made it fly 5.9 years ago


  • SAL ''Raptor'' 6.0 years ago


  • [update] Bristol F2b rev.2 6.0 years ago

    This is most excellent!

  • Reworked Angler XL-Sea-Plane 6.0 years ago

    This thing looks fantastic