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  • F-18 Next Gen Cockpit 5.8 years ago

    @Packman126 You'll need to have the physics on high. It also helps to use your mouse or a joystick. If that's not the problem, then I'm not sure what to tell you.

  • Aria AJ-05 Duke 5.8 years ago

    @EeoGamer137 This plane is awesome! Your work shows a lot of potential. Keep it up!

  • Ducani Air 7-1 5.8 years ago

    My F-18 with fully featured cockpit is now complete. @SalemASaberhagen

  • My Fastest Car 6.1 years ago

    So well done, absolutely incredible.

  • Ducani Air 7-1 6.1 years ago

    @MechWARRIOR57 I've been working on somthing since the beta release of 1.4. This project may be my last plane before gold, so I want it to be the best it can be.

  • Tundric Thunder 6.1 years ago

    Awesome, very capable build!

  • NS-BOX "Aegir" Guided Missile Frigate 6.2 years ago

    Can't not follow this guy! Incredible work.

  • flight simulator 6.2 years ago


  • 2 piston car engine 6.2 years ago

    Always love a mechanical contraption.

  • Ducani Air 7-1 6.2 years ago

    @kikasshes I would definitely be interested in a future colaberation, I don't have a lot of time right now but this summer we could probably pump out some pretty great stuff.

  • Steam Beta 6.2 years ago

    Well how am I supposed to get anything done now? This update is too great!

  • Glider with working cockpit and detachable engine 6.2 years ago

    I think its pretty cool. He definitely put work into it and I'd like to give hem a decent amount of time to fix his mistake.

  • Ducani Air 7-1 6.2 years ago

    Thank you all again. @Rohan that means a whole lot especially coming from you. Your cockpit helped inspire me to push the limits of my skill set.

  • Glider :Upgraded: 6.2 years ago

    It's a more sensible take on an otherwise useless contraption. I think it's wonderful.

  • Ducani Air 7-1 6.2 years ago

    Thank you all! I'm glad you like it.

  • Glider :Upgraded: 6.2 years ago

    Finally! Someone had the balls to actually improve my design.

  • Glider 3 6.2 years ago

    Try flying another plane up into the sky then open the menu. Press locations and then save your current location. then you can load the glider and fly it from that location.

  • Performance Glider W/ Fully Featured Cockpit 6.3 years ago

    @iDrakeZz ok cool, so a glider works by efficiently exchanging potential energy (altitude) for kinetic energy (speed). So if you did a dive then there's a good chance you would achieve those speeds.

  • Performance Glider W/ Fully Featured Cockpit 6.3 years ago

    @iDrakeZz not at all, sounds like you where probably going pretty quick when you saved the location.

  • Performance Glider W/ Fully Featured Cockpit 6.3 years ago

    @Totablecone17 you should be able to cycle the views in the menu. you can get to that menu by tapping the top left corner.

  • Performance Glider W/ Fully Featured Cockpit 6.3 years ago

    @Kimo thank you very much. It means a lot coming from a very skilled creator like yourself.

  • A-10 Mobile Friendly 6.5 years ago

    @Noman0rumeral thanks, :)

  • V-22 Ospray *Really Works* 6.6 years ago

    @Acer500 let me know how it works for you when you get the chance, thank you :)

  • V-22 Ospray *Really Works* 6.6 years ago

    Thanks @Rpackham316 it took me a long time to get it to work so smoothly. Please Upvote if you feel compelled to :)

  • Fan car 6.6 years ago

    Really fun and easy to fly!

  • Big props 6.6 years ago

    Thank you so much!

  • Modded stuff 6.6 years ago

    @mustafanaveed sorry, that wasn't supper clear, the yellow propeller with the moded radius.

  • Modded stuff 6.6 years ago

    Is there any chance you could make me a medium large prop with x3 thrust? Your larger props inspired me to take on the v-22 Ospray and all it really needs is more power. It would be greatly appreciated if you have time :)

  • Modded vtol engines (for lowobservable) 6.6 years ago

    You do great work

  • Whiplash 6.6 years ago

    @Tjmc9876 Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!