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I'm glad to see you here. Here are some things that you should know:


    • Please, be polite. Curse language and threatening are not tolerated here.

    • I welcome criticism in any form, so you can indicate all the shortcomings of my creations. But don’t forget about rule ?1.

    • If you want to take a part from my creation - go ahead. I’m not greedy.

    • I DO NOT take requests to make parts.


    • My real name is Mikhail or Michael.

    • B-day: 13th Feb

    • I’m 17 years old.

    • I live in Moscow, Russia.

    • I’m a member of Russian SimplePlanes community (i’ll give you a link to our group in Vkontakte - Russian social network).

    • My favorite games: SimplePlanes, DCS, This War of Mine, Counter Strike (Not GO but classic, especially Zombie Plague mode), Insurgency, Bomber Crew.

    • My favorite airplanes: Airbus A350 XWB, Bombardier C series/A220 (It’s just the same airplane), ERJ family, Tupolev Tu-204, Irkut MS-21, Boeing B707/Convair 808/Mcdonell-Douglas DC-8 (They look pretty similar); F-14, Su-35 and F/A-18 Super hornet

SP Part:

  • Some informtion about my fictional organizations or factions:


Insulian Emirate is a fictional state located on an archipelago near the east coast of Africa.
Short summary:
Official languages: Arabic, Spanish
Capital: Le-Antia
Largest cities: Le-Antia, El-Hamad, Puerto-Grande, Demetropolis
Form of government: Emirate
Political regime: Absolute monarchy
State type: Unitary state
State religion: Islam
Currency: Insulian Lira
Ethinc groups:
Arabs - 76%
Spaniards - 12%
Greeks - 7%
British - 4%
Others - 1%

Commercial Corporation or C-Corp. is a European civillian and military aircraft corporation which designs and produces various aircraft products worldwide and manufactures in the European Union and other countries. Founded in 1954 in United Kingdom.

RedWolf Industries is a European civillian aircraft and car developer which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Commercial Corporation. It produces various general, business and small scheduled air transport aviation and also C-, D-, J-, M-class cars and special racing cars. Founded in 1988 in Spain and was bought by C-Corp. in 1997.

  • My current WIP projects:

    • CP-510 remake

    • A tactical bomber

As we say in Russia: Enjoy your stay, blin!

Previously known as DrunkenRaider