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I build mainly military aircraft. I like to make things mobile and VR friendly too. Maybe I can accept requests, thought I mostly dont.

Yes I use my bio as a storage

Secret Projects forum, has interesting info
Here's my SR2 account

---Code saving---


^ Mach FT input (thx @rexzion)

Dev console codes:

//maincamera>camera.set_depth 10

//MainCamera>camera.set_fieldOfView x

//MainCamera>Transform.set_localPosition X,Y,Z

//MainCamera>Transform.localEulerAngles 0,0,z

//CameraTarget>>Camera.backgroundColor 1,1,1,1

SetWindSpeed 0 2 0

Proximity fuse (taken from this spaa)

TargetSelected ? TargetDistance / (1250 - rate(TargetDistance)) : 60

Wing gun realistic sizes:
For 12,7mm: width/height to 0,1953846153846154
For 7,62mm: 0,1172307692307692
(Thx @SPAircraftOfficial!)

Dont tag me on your builds (unless I ask for)!

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