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Hi, everyone, nice to meet you, even if briefly 🙂. While I won't give my actual name out for privacy reasons, just call me Jay. Been playing this wonderful and fun game for 4+ years, and have been trying my damnest to improve my skills at building stuff within my technological constraints. I strive for accuracy with my builds, and am trying to start making things that are purely of my own creation. I am a big fan of the odd, strange, and utter nonsensical world of experimental WWII vehicles, Tanks, concept aircraft, the mecha from the Mobile Suit Gundam, & Macross series, retro style robots(to a point), and Star wars, Trek, & Gate. Also a artist and a beginning writer. Just thought I'd put that out there.

Favorite plane/s
Lippisch Aerodyne, and it's offshoots

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Bel Geddes Airliner Number 4
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Grumman F-14 Tomcat

Map of SimplePlanes.