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Some info about myself:

  • I've been playing for close to four years now.
  • Only recently have I made an account.
  • I really enjoy this game.
  • I know a good many xml codes, & how to use them.

What I currently buid:

  • real planes
  • fictional planes
  • eggplanes
  • real vehicles
  • fictional vehicles.
  • planes & vehicles that I think are really cool(even if I haven't even heard of where it came from, movie/tv show wise)

What I intend on building(or posting, if I've done it)

  • a working(or rather, walking) mech(in progress)
  • eggships
  • builds of my own creation(aka, stuff I came up with)
  • flying wings
  • cars

Favorite plane/s
Lippisch Aerodyne, and it's offshoots

imagename ,

imagename ,

Bel Geddes Airliner Number 4
imagename ,

Grumman F-14 Tomcat

Map of SimplePlanes.