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"I think I know what I'm doing" - DestinyAviation

I love playing this game, Destiny, and Halo: Reach (can't play Reach anymore because I don't have the Xbox One S). I hope y'all enjoy flying (or, in some cases, admiring) my creations and have a good morning, afternoon, and evening!

I personally believe that everyone has at least some sense, some good inside them, and I hope that on this site that's all we see. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen is the Aurora Borealis, and let me tell you, they taught me something. They taught me that nothing can be taken for granted, and every chance you get, go for it. I saw the Northern Lights because I decided to embrace the chilly Michigan night and brave the cold out on the dock. Sorry if it seems preachy, but that's what I believe.

I am the CEO of three fictional companies, which are: Lycernia Corps., an aircraft engineering firm; Argus Arms Engineering, a small arms manufacturer; And Aerostyle Aviation, which makes aircraft, as well as preserving/renovating vehicles.

I started playing SP in August of 2015 but didn't make an account for about two weeks or so (such a long time to wait, I know). My first aircraft sucked and only got a few "ratings" but it was enough to keep me going. I make rockets, planes, attempts at Ekranoplans, and much more (including a rover and a space station...)!

I have a Twitter if any of you want to follow me and see what else I do (@FKoda6). I also have an Everplay under the same name (DestinyAviation). I also have an Xbox: ChickenRazor26 if any of you play Destiny on that console.